Thanks to every single person out there that supported Magic Bullet Records in its 20-year run, which effectively came to a close at the end of 2017. Thanks as well to the bands, visual artists, engineers, writers, distributors, stores, and everyone else out there that participated in making the last two decades unforgettable. That was an absolute blast and we will always appreciate the entire journey.

What’s most telling and impressive about the last 20 years is that the entire thing was run on handshakes and trust. Traditional music industry (let alone business in general) practices did not come into play. There were no contracts. We owned zero intellectual property. All of the bands and artists allowed us to represent their music at-will… and it all worked out just fine. That’s the beauty of punk rock and we hope that values like those become the legacy of the label… but it’s on to new things for all of us.

As of this writing, the dissolution papers have been turned in and are being processed in the state where we incorporated, stock/inventory was liquidated, all creditors were taken care of, and all leftover assets were donated to favorite charities that we’ve supported all along the way. That’s officially a wrap!

In all sincerity, thanks again for supporting the bands and please take care of each other.