THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS and Magic Bullet Records have teamed up to issue 10 very special copies of the AAR album When the World Comes Down with ALL proceeds benefitting Charity: Water!

Beginning December 28, we’ll be auctioning off 1 Charity: Water edition copy of When the World Comes Down per week via eBay.

• Each copy is autographed on the cover by all 4 members of the band
• Each copy is on limited blue vinyl to represent water
• Each copy is hand-numbered out of 10!

Stay tuned for each week’s active link.

Copy #10/10 is SOLD.
Copy #09/10 is SOLD.
Copy #08/10 is SOLD.
Copy #07/10 is SOLD.
Copy #06/10 is live here on eBay

Learn more about the campaign and Charity: Water here.