Now available in the webstore: ANCIENT VVISDOM A Godlike Inferno LP.

ANCIENT VVISDOM took shape in 2009 when former INTEGRITY members Nathan Opposition and Michael Jochum joined forces with IRON AGE bassist Justin “Ribs” Mason. The trio immediately began sharpening their darkened craft using acoustic guitars to create music with an organic connection to the nefarious rites they begat while incorporating electric guitar effects, synth sounds, vocal harmonies and abstract percussion to give a deeper, ethereal quality to their minimalist arrangements. Nathan Opposition’s powerfully honest voice casts lyrics that conjure “mysteries of the occult, paganism, satanic philosophies and forbidden knowledge”.

As word about the band’s infectious sound spread throughout Austin, ANCIENT VVISDOM began performing live and soon became a favorite opener for like-minded touring acts including SWANS, Scott Kelly (of Neurosis) and Wino. The band created a huge buzz that month at the SXSW music festival when they opened for similarly subvert legends EyeHateGod and Pentagram to raucous response.

For the recording of A Godlike InfernoANCIENT VVISDOM enlisted additional instrumentation by Alex Hughes (Hatred Surge, Iron Age) on bowed stand-up bass, Wade Allison (Iron Age) on “machete percussion” and guest guitar, Chase VVarlow on bamboo percussion and Jason Buntz (engineer and co-producer) on select guitar and synth.

“We are the devil’s blues, folk, and rock n’ roll,” commented front man Nathan Opposition when asked about the band’s sound. “Chaos and control. Phantasy and reality. Life and death…the evolution of Satan’s influence on modern pop culture. We are the beginning of nothing. We are the end of everything.”

This LP is currently available on 4 different colors (Midnight Grey, Purple Reality, THC, and Wasteland). Every copy comes with a download copy and artwork exclusive to the LP version. Initial pressing: 500 pieces.

To order this LP, head on over to the webstore.