As mentioned in a previous post, one of the many new titles that we’ll be releasing in 2012 is the stellar debut LP from Austin, TX’s ANCIENT VVISDOM. The album is titled A Godlike Inferno and is comprised of 8 uniquely dark, yet wonderfully melodic songs that one might not expect from former members of INTEGRITY and IRON AGE.

While the official store date has not been set for this one with our distributor just yet, we wanted to celebrate its existence in grand fashion by making the LP first available IN PERSON at the start of ANCIENT VVISDOM‘S 2012 winter tour. Before they hit all of the US and Canada with GHOST and BLOOD CEREMONY, they will be playing a very special one-night-only show at Strange Matter in Richmond, VA supporting Sweden’s GRAVEYARD. It is at this show where A Godlike Inferno will first be offered to the public. To make it extra special, all 30 copies being sold will be test press editions and hand numbered sequentially.

In short, if you want one of the special editions, you’ll need to go to the show. Any leftover copies will be sold at subsequent live shows with GHOST and BLOOD CEREMONY. We will not be offering test presses via the webstore.

Once the final copies arrive at MB, we’ll be shipping some to the band for whatever shows remain. The rest will be sold via our webstore and your local record store. There should be a variety of colors available.

We’re extremely excited about this band and record and we hope you enjoy them both live and recorded!

* Special thanks to Mark Osborne for his help with the Graveyard/release show!