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Nathan “Opposition” Jochum
Michael Jochum
Connor Metsker

Mp3: “World of Flesh”

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“Forging ahead, I have kept the all seeing eye on the fallen angel to keep my faith in his works.

This album is a collection of worship songs to our Lord and Master Satan. The collective efforts of our unholy Trinity Lucifer , Satan and The Devil.
In light of darker times , I find it necessary to express myself in a way that teaches on a higher level. I feel we need to connect on a higher level and make love on a higher level.

33 is a master number. It is also the age Christ was crucified. 33 is the age of the peak of existence.  It is the age I am.  33 is the answer.

I’ve been fortunate enough to do the devils work and continue to spread the message to the masses.
Open your eyes. See the light of Lucifer.”

- Nathan “Opposition” Jochum