10388118_678730425533166_353540264893300599_nRichmond, VA

Brent : vocals
Graham : guitar
Kelly : bass, vocals
Ryan : drums

Perhaps the best method of comprehending BLEACH EVERYTHING would be to liken the band to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but in reverse. Instead of a couple high school metalheads traveling back through time to encounter invaders and conquerers of the past, the invaders were instead pushed forward through time (the singer literally being the 42nd direct descendent of Attila the Hun), born into human form the 70′s and 80′s, and somehow finding their way through the pop culture and political climate of the modern condition. As one might expect under this pretense, the sonic result of such a premise is one of both violent absurdity and an unending exploration of topics.

To put it another way: BLEACH EVERYTHING were the kids back in high school that invested heavily in their alone time. Music, records, movies, zines, books, comics, skateboarding, writing, drawing, schlock, sleaze, high brow, and low brow all took precedence over any alternative. Finding kindred spirits who spoke the same exact language was never easy and would always result in friendships that would endure the tides and time of life well beyond its formative years. Not surprisingly, the band is a group of four men that have actively played music and traversed the globe for well over 70 years combined (much of the journey either touring with each other’s bands or playing in the same bands together).

Musically, BLEACH EVERYTHING is blasty, it’s grindy, and it’s certainly rife with the punk spirit and ethos that made the band possible in the first place. Lyrically, the band blows through universal themes that all that alone time tends to generate: everything from self empowerment (“Free Inside”) to space terror (“Facehugger”) to the firm opinion that Gary Busey believes all of his films to be documentaries (“I Killed a Werewolf Once (It’s on Film)”).

A split 7″ with Los Angeles’ VORS is the first musical offering from BLEACH EVERYTHING. Expect much more to follow.