Boston, MA

Nate Newton
Chris Pupecki
Jebb Riley
J.R. Connors

Mp3: “Black Thunder”

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Formed in the polar caverns of Antarctica, DOOMRIDERS have honed their genius into a pure and concentrated laser that can shoot right out of their eyes. As their radioactive mental waves melt off your hair and skin, you will know the true power and prowess these otherworldly beings possess. They can also piss tidal waves out of their dicks. DOOMRIDERS: THE GREATEST BAND IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. EVER TO EXIST.

DOOMRIDERS‘ Black Thunder was recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) @ Godcity Studios. Recorded primarily in a live setting, Black Thunder is a collection of thirteen unbridled songs filled with spontaneity and vigor. From the infectious hook of the title track, to the soul wrenching track “Voice of Fire,” Black Thunder is as eclectic of an album as they come.