Ghent, BE | Baltimore, MD

Dwid Hellion
Domenic Romeo

Mp3: “VValpürgisnacht”

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Bands like INTEGRITY are precisely the reason why I continue to do a record label after all this time.  It blows my mind that no matter how long the label goes, INTEGRITY will always have been around for 8 years longer than that. At the time of this writing, Magic Bullet has been going for 15 years, INTEGRITY 23 years. The phrase “lifer” just becomes a given…

I was first introduced to Dwid by our mutual friend Nate Newton (CONVERGE, DOOMRIDERS, et al). Ever since that moment, the relationship between “label” and “band” has been everything I always hope that it is when deciding to work on records with a given band.  Sometimes I’m tempted to find it ironic that the one band in the label family that’s been around for infinitely longer than any of the others, sold more combined records than the rest, and has been to hell and back many times over would be the easiest to work with.  But I genuinely think it’s specifically because of these same reasons that it works so well and seamlessly. I’ve worked very hard to make the label a non-bullshit entity and INTEGRITY is about as non-bullshit as it comes.

If for whatever reason you’re unfamiliar with INTEGRITY‘s music to this point, you’re long overdue to become acquainted. The band is unquestionably one of the pioneering forces that brought the worlds of hardcore and metal together, forging a powerful, vicious sound that has sent shockwaves the world over.  If you’ve never heard a note of INTEGRITY proper, you’ve still heard dozens if not thousands of bands that wouldn’t have been possible without the influence stemming from their relentless output.  Incredibly, 21 years into it, the current lineup/recorded output is just as potent and relevant as any point/any album in the band’s archive. I genuinely couldn’t be more proud to be a part of what this band is now – enjoy.