9144-Power TripDallas, TX

Blake Ibanez
Chris Ulsh
Riley Gale
Chris Whetzel
Nick Stewart

(photo by Greg Anderson)

Founded in 2008 in Dallas, TX, POWER TRIP has since beaten a relentless path around the globe, performing their unmistakable brand of thrashy metallic hardcore to instantly-stoked audiences everywhere. After a demo and a couple EP’s on Lockin’ Out and Triple B, the band grabbed the attention of Los Angeles metal label Southern Lord, who issued the band’s first proper full length, Manifest Decimation, in 2013.

It is our firm belief that, had the band existed in 1983, heavy music fans would be referencing “The Big Five” these days instead of “The Big Four.” Magic Bullet Records is honored to release/reissue supplemental POWER TRIP records and support the band however possible as they continue to reach new fans everywhere.