Daniel Danger
Stephen Smith
Justin Myer
Leslie Adams

Mp3: “You and All Your Friends”

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My friend Daniel makes some really cool artwork and gets hired to do all kind of concert posters and album covers, gallery shows, toys, all that stuff.  Turns out he’s also a huge guitar gear junkie and plays in a really cool band called A CITY SAFE FROM SEA.  He sent me demo tracks of stuff they were doing at practice years ago and I told him to just keep me up on future recordings.  He held up that end of the bargain and now I’m pretty excited for people to hear what they’ve been up to for all these months.  Gear nerds will certainly geek out on all of the batshit-crazy sonic tomfoolery, but at the heart of everything lies some super catchy songs that should effectively get you in the right mood for sweaty basement shows to come.