SD7UoZEKbINKX5u56AooAGE5TtYAqKV-57Ybx8qdDVYHelsinki, Finland

Goatspeed – guitars
Kvohst – vocals
Paile – drums
Arino – bass

Track: “Love in a Cold World”

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BEASTMILK are an apocalyptic post-punk rock band from Finland.

The band initially drew attention in their home country on the strength of their 2010 demo cassette and, in 2012, noted Finnish stalwart SVART Records issued their Use Your Deluge 7″, piquing the interest of savvy and forward-thinking ears around the globe.

Amongst the early adopters of the band’s sound and mission were CONVERGE bassist Nate Newton and guitarist Kurt Ballou. After reaching out across the Atlantic to show solidarity and support toward the early BEASTMILK sound, Ballou ended up offering to record, mix, and produce what would become the band’s proper full length debut (2013′s Climax), with Newton lending guest vocals to the album.

BEASTMILK eschew many of the trappings and clichés associated with traditional post-punk and new-wave/goth acts both contemporary and historical. It’s almost paradoxical to consider, but on Climax, the band conveys a true, genuine excitement and all-consuming state of euphoric thrall in the face of the bleak, end-of-days thematic narratives spun by vocalist Kvohst. Instead of applying the beaten path/dead horse method of brooding and glacially plodding through the inherent darkness cast from Kvohst’s poetic spells, the instrumentalists of BEASTMILK (guitarist Goatspeed, drummer Paile, and bassist Arino) apply a unique, surging catchiness composed of infectious anthemic charges and unbreakable spirit from beginning to end.

Climax sees international release November 29, 2013, courtesy of SVART and MAGIC BULLET RECORDS.