Boston, MA

Stephen Brodsky
Caleb Scofield
Adam McGrath
J.R. Connors

Mp3: “Youth Overrided” (acoustic)

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Simply put, CAVE IN are one of my favorite bands of all time. It’s nearly impossible to think of another band that has managed to make multiple albums in entirely different genres that were equally heralded and accepted as masterpieces. If metallic hardcore is your thing, 1998′s Until Your Heart Stops is unquestionably a cornerstone.  And then came Jupiter, an album that essentially set independent music in general on fire and catapulted the band onto everyone’s radar regardless of subgenre.  From the album opener all the way through to the soaring conclusion of “New Moon,” the boys from Boston delivered an unquestionable banger for the ages.

Magic Bullet has been fortunate enough ride sidecar to Hydra Head’s constant support in releasing the band’s output, mainly issuing supplemental releases designed to give diehard fans further aural treats beyond the formal albums.  If you’re new to the band, you might as well dive in anywhere, as the band has basically never written the same album twice.