Virginia | Washington, DC

Brent Eyestone
Andy Buckalew
Graham Scala
Brad Perry

Mp3: “Shouldering”

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It’s always difficult to objectively write about your own band. At the end of the day, I’m completely obscured from the context with which to assign it any descriptive meaning. All I truly know and can state with certainty is a line my dad once fed me: “you know, in 30 years of watching you live your life, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you as truly happy and at peace as when you’re playing in a band.”  Made sense to me.

I started this band in 2003 after CORN ON MACABRE had broken up.  PG.99 was done, so George Crum was in right away.  BURNING AIRLINES was done, so Mike Harbin came aboard.  TRIAL BY FIRE was done, so we got Matt “Wookie” Yancey to play drums.  From the get-go, the band was and is operated in a very similar manner by which I run the label.  In short, if I’m feeling it, I put it out.  Neither subscribes to a “sound” or any type of limitation.  And as such, the back catalog of both tends to be somewhat surprising/unexpected at times.  I remember giving Jebb Riley (DOOMRIDERS, DISAPPEARER) a copy of You Don’t Have to Win, But You Have to Fight and immediately being hit with the question “so what does this one sound like?”  For better or worse, that’s just how things get done over here.

Aside from that, I’ve always made it policy to bring people into the fold that are better than I am musically.  It’s the only sure-fire way I know to learn and grow as a musician, which is a really important aspect of FORENSICS. For those out there patient enough to stick with the constant evolution and exploration, I sincerely thank you.