Brooklyn, NY

Brandon Evans
C.B. Houck
Matt Boyle
Ryan Parrish

Mp3: “Seven (33 Leagues)”

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GHASTLY CITY SLEEP is one of those bands where the timeless adage “writing about music is like dancing about architecture” comes to mind. It’s fundamentally pointless, especially when it comes to a band like this. Reams of paper could be written up and they still wouldn’t encapsulate the dense, lush, and often subtle textures that comprise this Brooklyn quartet’s true sound. A precursory scan of Google results might produce comparisons to MOGWAI or a “heavier” RADIOHEAD, as if it were easy to pin down those bands in the first place…

As with the vast majority of bands I choose to work with, I’ve had the great fortune of being able to watch the musical journey of the members of this band in particular evolve and take shape for over a decade. GHASTLY CITY SLEEP‘s roots can be traced all the way back to a truly visceral and grimy teeth-cutting era that saw Brandon Evans performing in KILARA (alongside C.B. Houck) and PG.99, while co-founder Pat Broderick was blasting away behind the drum kit for MAJORITY RULE.  Progression found both Evans and Broderick doing extensive tenures in the unquestionably groundbreaking genre-bending hybrid act CITY OF CATERPILLAR while Evans also moonlighted in purveying the down-tempo, gorgeous melodies of GREGOR SAMSA.  The current lineup finds Ryan Parrish (of DARKEST HOUR, YEARS, SUPPRESSION) replacing Broderick on drums, a slightly ironic move considering that it was Broderick who replaced Parrish on drums in CITY OF CATERPILLAR. Incestuous? Yes. Brilliant musicians across the board? Set your watch to it.

Moondrifts is the first full length from the band and their first output for Magic Bullet.  Created over the better part of a year with Andrew Schneider behind the boards, it’s truly a work of art from start to finish. The amount of refinement honed by the collective members over the many years of crafting records and crashing on floors both apart and collectively shines like a great beacon across the saturated seas of newer and more derivative bands going for what GHASTLY CITY SLEEP truly delivers to listeners.  From the chilling opener “I Never Left My Head” all the way through to the stirring conclusion found in “Shake the Somber Away,” Moondrifts is an entire album of unclassifiable music that pushes everything forward whilst simultaneously feeling like an old friend.