Brooklyn, NY

Eric Richter
Jim Lehnhoff
Chris Peterson
Jeremy Jones

Mp3: “Diamond Suits”

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In some ways, GOLDEN CITY is the logical and evolutionary destination for a band lineage that would include CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE, ANTARCTICA, and THE 101. Without a doubt, the band first popped on my radar because of its impressive and adored pedigree. But I stayed for the jams. The first songs I heard were “Grey” and “Diamond Suits” (at the time only accessible through the band’s MySpace player).  I was absolutely hooked from the get-go and it’s been nothing but a true pleasure getting to know everyone in the band, playing so many weekend jaunts with them, putting out their records, and being privy to following their musical progress in real time.

The band might not ever be able to tour nearly as much as bands 10-15 years their junior, but damn if they don’t bring it 10x harder.  The music is anthemic, beautifully constructed pop with a dark edge, often hitting so perfectly right to the gut. I highly suggested catching them live if you ever get the opportunity. If not, the recorded output more than suffices and serves as an absolute treat on the ears. It’s always a pleasure getting to work with a band like this. Solid dudes who absolutely BRING IT musically.