Gent, Belgium

• Tim: Drums
• Bram: Vocals
• Kenneth: Bass
• Levy: Guitar

Mp3: “Sons of Avarice”

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In a culture whose very existence depends on the suppression of emotional responses, wrath is the only legitimate answer to true desperation. In any fight or flight-situation, HESSIAN, the least forgiving of all Church of Ra-bands, goes for the throat.

From their first rehearsal, there has been a sense of urgency to their sound that could not be explained in terms of mere speed or technical skill. Although these assets are more than present in the five full-on assaults that make up their debut EP, it is the storm looming underneath the towering guitars and hectic drum patterns that sets HESSIAN apart. Some might hear in it a lust for violence that is as ageless as this world. Between the thunderous bass and venomous riffing, others might distinguish the savage howl of the lone wolf to the pack, as it leads the way towards a richer, more honest existence. To get rid of the shackles and run towards the end of this world.

After building up a considerable following in their home country and beyond, fans of honest, heavy music, across the pond can now enjoy this output in the form of a split release with Clevo-veterans PALE CREATION through Magic Bullet Records (OLD MAN GLOOM, CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE, CAVE IN, CHARLES MANSON). It’s time to heed the call.