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Mike Haley
Brent Eyestone
Graham Scala
Sean Connolly

It was early August 2008 and Brent Eyestone (AUGHRA) and Graham Scala (VENTOUX) were heading up to New York to perform in some RHYS CHATHAM 200 guitar hooey, and made a midway pitstop in Delaware for some rest / hangout sesh. We snagged some average pizza, smoked some average weed, and watched about half of “Troll 2″ (an above average flic). Then, along with Sean Connolly (fifty percent of the BLOWN DOORS unit) we headed into the basement for some 3am sound workouts. It took a bit for the guitars, synths, and organ to melt together but, once it did, the acid flowers were blooming. The entire session ended up being about an hour long and the tape was given the Brent to bring back to va headquarters for proper primping. Brother gets back in touch almost a half of a year later with several fully mastered tracks. God save the queen.

- Mike Haley, 905 Tapes/Wether/Big China & Little Trouble, etc.