Santa Fe, NM

Luke Scarola
Nate Newton
Caleb Scofield
Santos MontaƱo
Aaron Turner

Mp3: “Skullstorm”

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1999-A monkey is seen sitting on a bench in Santa Fe, NM eating figs or dates, wearing a diaper.

1999-on a train from XXXXXXX to XXXXX, Santos XXXXXXX meets Dr. Aaron XXXXXX. The two are overheard talking in a very identifiable code, and shaking hands upwards of 12 times an hour. XXXXXXX leaves the train in XXXXX, while XXXXXX takes the vessel all the way to XXXXXX with a XXXX in his possession.

1999-2000-all is still

2000-the audio pamphlet “a sound wave replication dissertation on alien simian technology in 13 chapters: meditations in B” is leaked through a small cultish publishing house in XXXXXX.

2000-XXXXXXX and XXXXXX are monitored very closely by the XXXXXX, and a secret brain trust called the XXXXXXXXX is assembled to observe.

2000-Nate XXXXXX is seen leaving the XXXXXX compound with a XXXXXXX in his possession. His dental records lead the XXXXXXXXX to believe he is a top official with the organization.

2000-Caleb XXXXXXXX is picked up for distribution of XXXXXX. When questioned about the XXXXXX, he gives only one word answers, and that word is XXXXX. He is released on $XXXXXXXXX bail, and quickly vanishes.

2000-a minister in the church of XXXXXX is exiled from XXXXXXX. His views on XXXXXXX are deemed to controversial for the outfit. Rondo XXXXXXXXXX takes the alias Luke XXXXXXX, and is photographed spreading XXXXXXXXX on the XXXXXX subway system. His guerilla tactics earn him favor with the XXXXXXXXX and he advances abnormally quickly through the XXX ranks.

2001-what XXXXXXXXX experts call X-XXX. 2 Seminars where held via various digital outlets, including XX, XXXXXX, and XXXXXXXXX. The maniacal and disturbing information in the seminars spread hysteria throughout XXXXXXXXXX, and eastern XXXXXXXXX. Eventually the info was available XXXXXXXX and through every XXXXX in the free world. New branches pooped up on the map every 79 seconds. XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX was on television denying the existence of the sect within 10 days of X-XXX. Resistance was deemed “XXXXXX”.

2002-XXX disregards their criminal celebrity and takes to the task of personally recruiting those who they deem XXXXXX. They only are able to make XX live appearances before narrowly escaping capture. Live recruiting seminars are accompanied by the mini seminar Christmas Eve, which alludes to something larger on the horizon.

2003-XXX is thought to disband, with all major participants relocating to separate countries. Santos XXXXXXX is spotted in XXXXXX XXXX, trading XXXXXXX children for large quantities of XXXXX. He is photographed beating XXXXX with a length of XXXX. Authorities are unable to apprehend XXXXXXX. Aaron XXXXXX takes the term “playboy” to a new plateau. He takes residence in the penthouse suite at the XXXXXX in XXX XX XXXXXX. He spends his nights in the underground casinos, with XXXXXXXX pop star XXXXXX. He loses a fortune betting on XXXXXXXX monkey fights. It’s there he meets Dr. Jacco Mocacco{sic}. Sinking into a violent depression, he disappears from all XXXXXXXXX intelligence. Nate XXXXXX renounces his activities with XXX, and sets off on a path of readjusting to society. He works with the activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Hobos, or PETH. After 4 months it is uncovered he is using the hobos to smuggle XXXXXX across the country, he disappears from all XXXXXXXXX intelligence. Caleb XXXXXXXX returns to his child hood obsession, the XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX of the Allogunquin National Preserve. All surveillance of Caleb XXXXXXXX is cancelled due to extreme conditions. The only intelligence gathered came from a team attempting to capture a carrier pigeon. The team never even came close. Luke XXXXXX turned to a peasants life in The XXXXXXXXXX. From what the XXXXXXXXX gathered, he lived in a 7′ by 7′ hut, and survived on fish and, the only thing he brought with him to the remote island, Yoohoo. He eventually came down with island fever, and began worshiping XXXXXX. The reports from locals of a white man on the island building a deity out of yoohoo caps, and spitting the chocolate drink at anyone in proximity, tipped off the XXXXXXXXX. After a 64 hour stand off out side his hut, he was captured, only to escape 20 minutes after being held in a XXXXXXXX jail.

2004-communicating through primitive channels, the group shares a more singular view of their Jihad. Each member constructs his own thesis, and the result is what has become known as Christmas. Out selling the Bible 7-1, Christmas has become the New Worlds answer to all questions. The government headquarters of XXXXXXXXX was torn down by elated followers, and agents ceremonially burned. XXX was becoming too large to control. Top ranking members are urged to hide their identities from their own followers, for their own safety.

2005-all activity ceases. All is quiet.

2006-the XXXXXXXXXX anticipates further activity, although no members can be located, which seems only to spread fear throughout XXX XXXXXX.