Washington, DC

Rick Rattler
Scott Rattler
Mickey “Hollywood” Fangs
Frank “The Deuce” Williams
Bobby “Coils” Williams

Mp3: “Getting Awesome”

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As legend would have it: Rick and Scott Rattler were hatched from an egg that was the love child of a redneck snake slut chick and a drunk jock. 16 years after the egg hatched, the two found their musical soul mates and have been playing shows and fucking chicks ever since.

Banned from literally every live music venue in the District (save for the Rock N Roll Hotel), RATTLER has still managed to dominate the Washington, DC music scene via their sold-out shows, unprecedented stage antics, and the highest-grossing per show bar tabs three years running.  The band’s unrelenting commitment toward creating the greatest party/show ever has completely won over both the BMX and skateboarding communities, with promoters often flying the band around the country for special one-off engagements and premieres. This is the party band to end all party bands.