ROMANCE OF YOUNG TIGERS was a GREAT band from Dayton, OH that embodies every reason Magic Bullet Records exists in the first place. In short, the music is unapologetically revolutionary and the packaging is obsessively arduous in its creation. Whereas 99.9% of bands looking to connect with a label think that a list of “bands we shared the stage with” and a Staples-brand CD-R of “unmixed stuff we need to finish” will do the trick, ROMANCE OF YOUNG TIGERS initially dropped a visual and aural treasure chest upon our doorstep, making perhaps the greatest first impression we’ve ever had from a band. Masterfully-crafted songs (that truthfully can’t be likened accurately to anything else out there) were housed in painstakingly hand-screened, hand-made packaging (wooden boxes, maps, the works). Not even a mention of “shopping” for a label. In short, they made fans of us instantly.

Hometown: Dayton Ohio

Todd Osborn
Gabe Mitchell
Seth Graham
Aaron Smith