Richmond, VA

Jason Hodges
Ryan Parrish

Mp3: “Cowboys from Yale”

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Existing in one form or another since 1992, it took 14 years of genre-hopping, multiple lineup changes, releases on an impossible number of labels, and general public nudity for SUPPRESSION to arrive in its current incarnation of the past few years.  Whereas the band’s early output can be found on labels such as Slap A Ham, Deep Six, Reservoir, et al, the current sound would seemingly be more in tune with…. man, who knows.  Recently nicknaming themselves “THE FANTASTIC WONDERFULS,” the 2 final members of the group have recently completely their self-awarded “crowning achievement” in the form of Alliance of Concerned Men.

With song titles such as “Well Hung Toddler” and “Cowboys From Yale,” it’s blatantly obvious that the duo has set out to break into mainstream radio for the first time ever and is clearly set out to seal the deal with a HUGE record corporation in hopes of eventually snorting weird powders off of businessman ass.  Eh, for now they’ll have to settle for Magic Bullet Records.  In doing so, SUPPRESSION hopes to eventually  stumble upon a loophole in their contract that will effectively strip the profits of this release from the label’s hands and into the pockets of the bigwigs at the aforementioned HUGE record corporation.

Comprised of DARKEST HOUR drummer Ryan Parrish and Jason Hodges of THE AMOEBA MEN, SUPPRESSION somehow manages to blend musical proficiency, punk rock conviction, and RISD unpredictability on Alliance of Concerned Men.  If the PMRC had won and Jello Biafra was sentenced to Fort Thunder, it might sound something like this…