Now available in the webstore: BIG CHINA & LITTLE TROUBLE Lo-Panning LP (second press).

BIG CHINA & LITTLE TROUBLE is  the collaborative blackened noise/drone pairing of Brent Eyestone and Mike Haley. The duo have released numerous LP’s, CD’s, and cassettes for the last several years, the most current being Lo-Panning, a 25-minute delve into pure heaviness, vastness, and despair.

The first pressing of this LP was offered in April of 2011 on glow-in-the dark vinyl and quickly sold out from the webstore before copies circulated to proper stores. For the second press, the vinyl comes in two varieties: “Chang Pink” and ”Three Storm.” The jacket is still hand-screened in 5 colors on kraft natural chipboard and features the original illustration drawn by Eyestone, this time signed/numbered out of an edition of 116. A complimentary digital download coupon accompanies every copy.

To order this LP, head on over to the webstore.