beastmilk-2Fresh on the heels of tracking and mixing one of the greatest records we’ve ever heard up at GodCity Studio (run by our friend Kurt Ballou), we are overjoyed and floored to announce that Finland’s apocalyptic post-punk rock quartet BEASTMILK will be releasing their debut full-length (Climax) in North America on MAGIC BULLET RECORDS.

The album will see release in stores everywhere and be available digitally on Black Friday, November 29, 2013 in conjunction with Finland’s SVART RECORDS (for the UK, Scandi, and Europe at large).

One of the album’s tracks (“Love in a Cold World”) has already premiered at Pitchfork, which you can hear for yourself here. A lyric video of the same song can be viewed here.

The band was also recently selected as “New Band of the Day” over at The Guardian, who opines that Climaxcontains a magnified sense of a unit out there in the elements, raging against ominous engulfing forces. But they eschew accusations of tepid melodrama by the sheer might and metallic urgency of the music.

Additional premieres and previews are on the way and we sincerely look forward to helping you get to know your new favorite band.

Press: please contact Dave Brenner at Earsplit PR.
Stores: please contact Adam Mayes at Cobraside Distribution