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Published by admin on 10 Nov 2017

ANCIENT VVISDOM: BrooklynVegan Premieres “Light Of Lucifer” Video From Occult Rock Collective; 33 Full-Length Out Now


The occult rock practitioners in ANCIENT VVISDOM are pleased to unveil the official new visual accompaniment to the track “Light Of Lucifer” from their recently-issued 33 full-length.

The clip, shot in a historically haunted auditorium, is currently playing at BrooklynVegan. Notes Nathan “Opposition” Jochum, “We filmed at one of the most haunted places in Ohio in an auditorium referred to by some as a ‘vortex’ or ‘portal to hell’ at the House Of Wills, which is the current location of The New Church Of Satan in Cleveland. Owner, good friend of mine, and Satanic High Priest Eric Freeman allowed us to take part in this ritual and capture the House’s energy. 49,000 square feet of decaying beauty, this building is still rich with history as it was an African American Masonic mortuary for many years prior to Eric taking ownership. The house needs many repairs after being abandoned and stripped, so I volunteer my time whenever I am available to help restore this once magnificent historic building. Eric has dedicated his life to the restoration. Ghost tours and paranormal investigations available upon request.”

Watch the video, courtesy of BrooklynVegan, at THIS LOCATION

33 is out now digitally and streaming via Magic Bullet HERE with the CD version out on Argonauta Records.

On the band’s fourth studio offering, the perennial nucleus of brothers Nathan “Opposition” Jochum (vocals, acoustic guitar, kick drum) and Michael Jochum (guitar, backup vocals) is rounded out by new band member Connor Metsker on bass. Thematically, 33 largely continues the prior agenda of empowerment through Satanism, instinct, enlightenment, and ritual. 33comes under the microscope on this recording and is regarded by the band as a master number. Jochum is quick to point out that it is the age that Christ was crucified, the age of the peak of existence, and the age he happened to be in making this album.

The sonic approach continues in the tradition of prior albums: deliberate, mid-tempo songs with minimal arrangements, unparalleled melody, and dynamic vocal range. ANCIENT VVISDOMcould be cited as among the strongest proponents of the philosophy “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” 33 was produced by Nathan “Opposition” Jochum, engineered by Steve Rauckhorst, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, and completed with cover art by Linas Garsys and design by Emma White.

“33 moves along with the band’s dark almost Southern rock style towards a neo-folkish sound that is reminiscent of Death In June, Boyd Rice, and King Dude.. The Death In June influence is apparent with the use of percussion instruments, and a very ‘folk’ style to the vocals… Given the high Satanic, Laveyan, and Aleister Crowley-based themes of the album, a straight up metal sound would make it cheap. And make no bones about it, this album is very Satanic. The lack of a hard, heavy metal sound does not preclude that…” — Drunk In A Graveyard

“While the subject matter may be considered dark by some, I don’t hear it. 33 is a Joyous, Love filled record delivered by a passionate group of musicians and is an impressive array of life affirming rock. If you are searching for something different…give ANCIENT VVISDOM a try.” — Outlaws Of The Sun

“Their mix of gently sung vocals, acoustic guitar with heavy backing rhythms, and subtle percussion results in a somber desert vibe similar to Alice In Chains’ acoustic EPs or the 2000s works of Earth. However, the group’s committed exploration of this style does make them a unique voice in the scene. Their Satanic lyrical approach is also rather distinct, as it’s less about hateful blasphemy and more about how Lucifer is just a really swell guy that wants to bring love to the world. It’s like a soundtrack from the bizarro world where gospel is the real Devil’s music and Papa Emeritus is the actual pope.” — Indy Meta Vault

“Like the morning star it praises, ANCIENT VVISDOM is more deceptive than you realize. It heralds that section of the genre that is far darker than even the loudest bands while doing a style you don’t recognize is nearly this cursed. 33 is going to live on for quite some time.” — The Sludgelord


Published by admin on 03 Nov 2017

MAMMOTH GRINDER: Magic Bullet Records’ Digital Reissue Series Concludes With “In & Out” b/w “See Me Hang” + Amebix Cover


Magic Bullet Records concludes its MAMMOTH GRINDER MONDAYS series of reissuing the band’s back-catalog into the universe, today releasing the “In & Out” b/w “See Me Hang” single.

“In & Out” b/w “See Me Hang” was originally a 7” that was self-released on April Fools’ Day in 2012 by Austin, Texas death/grind/d-beat outfit MAMMOTH GRINDER. 100 were issued on clear vinyl for the Chaos in Texas Festival with the rest being issued on black. As a special bonus for the digital version, the band offers up a scorching cover of Amebix’s “Arise!” on top of the two originals. Long out of print since its release, 2017 marks the first time that these songs have been officially offered via all streaming and digital service providers.

Celebrate the final day of MAMMOTH GRINDER MONDAYS and stream/purchase the tracks RIGHT HERE.

Track Listing:
1. In & Out
2. See Me Hang
3. Arise! (Amebix)

Published by admin on 17 Oct 2017

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Releases Restaurant Score + Live Dates With Sannhet Draw Near

photo by Muto Yang

photo by Muto Yang

“Kitchen” is the first aural glimpse into the Vespertine project, a collaborative concept wherein the entirety of Chef Jordan Kahn’s new Culver City restaurant has been custom-scored by Los Angeles’ own THIS WILL DESTROY YOU.

One of seven pieces written for the building itself (and even the space around it), “Kitchen” is the music that diners first hear as they are greeted by Chef Kahn before dinner service begins for the evening. In composing the music for this interaction, THIS WILL DESTROY YOU’s Chris King and Jeremy Galindo sought to convey a warm, hospitable – if not reassuring – tone for listeners that may (or may not) be present elsewhere as they discover and explore the spaces in and around Vespertine’s looming architectural monolith for the remainder of their stay.


Hear “Kitchen” today via an exclusive premiere through BrooklynVegan at THIS LOCATION.

The track can subsequently be experienced via all digital and streaming platforms worldwide Friday, October 13th, 2017. Preorder the track via Magic Bullet Records at THIS LOCATION.

In related news, THIS WILL DESTROY YOU will join fellow post-rockers Sannhet soon for a short run of live dates next month including a BrooklynVegan-presented show on November 14th at Knitting Factory, as part of the historic New York City venue’s 30th anniversary celebration. See all confirmed dates below.

11/12/2017 Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center – Harrisburg, PA
11/13/2017 BSP Kingston – Kingston, NY
11/14/2017 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
11/15/2017 35 Artspace – Portsmouth, NH
11/16/2017 The Met – Pawtucket, RI
11/17/2017 The Outer Space/The Ballroom – Hamden, CT
11/18/2017 Debonair Music Hall – Teaneck, NJ

Published by admin on 17 Oct 2017

MAMMOTH GRINDER MONDAYS Series Continues; “Obsessed With Death” Out Today


Magic Bullet Records continues its ongoing MAMMOTH GRINDER MONDAYS series, reissuing the band’s back-catalog into the universe, today offering the “Obsessed With Death” single.

In 2010, MAMMOTH GRINDER released a limited edition 7” called Obsessed With Deathon Hell Massacre Records. The A-side was an original song by the same name and the B-side was a cover of Venom’s “Welcome To Hell.” The original edition (and subsequent repress in 2012) was rather limited and featured an excellent DIY silkscreened foldover cover. The MAMMOTH GRINDER lineup on this recording was: C. Ulsh on guitars/vocals, B. Boeckman on drums, and J. Hammontree II on bass.

Long out of print since, 2017 marks the first time that these songs have been officially offered via all streaming and digital service providers.

Stream and purchase MAMMOTH GRINDER’s “Obsessed With Death” and cover of Venom’s “Welcome To Hell” at THIS LOCATION.

Track Listing:
1. Obsessed With Death
2. Welcome To Hell (Venom)

MAMMOTH GRINDER MONDAYS will continue through the end of October, with Split, featuring the tracks from the band’s split with Hatred Surge, on October 23rd, and In And Out being issued on October 30th.

Published by admin on 10 Oct 2017

MAMMOTH GRINDER: Magic Bullet Launches Digital Reissue Series; “Anxiety Onset” b/w “Unnatural Death” Out Today


Magic Bullet records today launches their MAMMOTH GRINDER MONDAYS series, issuing the band’s early “Anxiety Onset” and “Unnatural Death” singles into the digital domain. The four-week-long campaign sees four titles from MAMMOTH GRINDER’s back-catalog hitting official digital streaming and purchase points for the first time.

“Anxiety Onset” and “Unnatural Death” are plucked from a long out-of-print MAMMOTH GRINDER split 7” with Legion that was originally released in 2010 through Nuclear Solution. Both tracks were recorded during the Extinction Of Humanity sessions and are emblematic of the band’s shift toward a much more death metal-oriented sound around this time.

Stream and order MAMMOTH GRINDER’s “Anxiety Onset” b/w “Unnatural Death” RIGHT HERE.

MAMMOTH GRINDER MONDAYS will continue through the majority of October, with first-time digital releases of “Obsessed With Death” October 16th, Split (featuring their tracks from the split with Hatred Surge) on October 23rd, and In And Out being issued on October 30th.

Track Listing:
1. Anxiety Onset
2. Unnatural Death

Published by admin on 05 Oct 2017

SWEET COBRA Announces October Tour Dates With Hum, Including The Fest 17

sweet cobra 03 by Nick Thieneman small[photo by Nick Thieneman]

Chicago’s SWEET COBRA has announced several new tour dates, including a run of shows supporting Hum, as both bands head to The Fest 17.

SWEET COBRA kicks off the new run of shows in their hometown, sharing the stage with Pelican and Wolf Eyes on October 14th. Less than two weeks later the band will hook up with Hum for shows in Louisville, Nashville, and Atlanta October 25th through 27th, before both bands take part in the seventeenth annual installment of The Fest in Gainesville on September 28th, sharing the stage with Iron Reagan, City Of Caterpillar, Majority Rule, and many others.


10/14/2017 The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL w/ Pelican, Wolf Eyes [info]
10/25/2017 Zanzabar – Louisville, KY w/ Hum [info]
10/26/2017 Mercy Lounge – Nashville, TN w/ Hum [info]
10/27/2017 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA w/ Hum [info]
10/28/2017 :08 Seconds – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest 17 [info]

SWEET COBRA’s Earth LP was released in mid-2015 via Magic Bullet Records, the album delivering the band’s trusted and infectious ferocity through a slick, more accessible approach. It has the confidence and catchiness of the heavier moments of Queens Of The Stone Age with the drive of The Jesus Lizard; the surge and wallop of Quicksand while delving into far more diverse sonic territories. The pairing of Talbot and Ballou as co-producers has truly yielded a stunning, classic heavy album for the ages. Earth was recorded and produced by Matt Talbot of Hum and Kurt Ballou of Converge at Talbot’s Earth Analog Studios in Illinois, mixed by Ballou at his Godcity Studio in Massachusetts, and mastered by Carl Saff. Additionally, both Ballou and Talbot make guest appearances on the album.

Earth is available on CD and vinyl HERE, and digitally via Bandcamp HERE as well as all major digital outlets. Also see the band’s official video for “Repo” HERE.

SWEET COBRA is currently entrenched in the writing process of the follow-up to Earth, which will see release in 2018. Watch for updates in the months ahead.

Published by admin on 25 Sep 2017

Five Weeks Of 5IVE Concludes With Reissue Of Hesperus

5ive_14.psd[photo by Jason Hellmann]

Magic Bullet Records’ Five Weeks Of 5IVE – the label’s mission of reissuing the entire back-catalog from defunct Boston-based riff/math/doom rock act 5IVE into the digital universe – concludes today with the reissue of the band’s Hesperusfull-length.

The 5IVE reissue series includes the titles 5ive, The Telestic Disfracture, The Hemophiliac Dream, Versus, and Hesperus, as well as the self-titled album from The Theory Of Abstract Light, a solo-jams release by 5IVE’s Ben Carr.

Originally issued in February of 2008 on CD format, Hesperus was the last proper album from 5IVE. Their swansong ended up including seven final tracks which capture the entirety of the band’s essence: extremely thick guitar balanced out with atmospheric noise elements and the type of steady, dynamic drums that should be the backbone of any desert drive. Collectively, the members of 5IVE were masters of their craft, and this was a hell of an album to go out on.

Personnel on Hesperus was Ben Carr on guitar and Charles Harold on drums, the album recorded at New Alliance in Boston in April of 2007 and mastered in Brooklyn by Andrew Schneider in May of 2007. Mastering was completed at New Alliance East.

Stream and purchase 5IVE’s Hesperus today via the Magic Bullet Records Bandcamp RIGHT HERE.


Hesperus Track Listing:
1. Gulls
2. Big Sea
3. Kettle Cove
4. Heel
5. Polar 78
6. News I
7. News II

Published by admin on 25 Sep 2017

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU “Kitchen” Digital | Streaming out everywhere October 13, 2017


Published by admin on 17 Sep 2017

5IVE: “Versus” Sees Reissue Today As Five Weeks Of 5IVE Continues

5ive_16[photo by Jason Hellmann]

Magic Bullet Records’ Five Weeks Of 5IVE continues, as the label digitally reissues the entire catalog of defunct Boston riff/math/doom rock act, 5IVE. Today, the reissued Versus gets its digital rebirth.

Originally released as a three-song micro-release in 2004 on guitarist Ben Carr’s Odd Halo imprint limited to 200 pieces on CD format, 5IVE’s Versus originally bridged the gap between The Hemophiliac Dream and 2008′s Hesperus full-length. This expanded edition now features two additional tracks in the form of a dual-stage remix from courtesy of Godflesh and Jesu’s Justin Broadrick. All of this material has been out of print for many years, with some of it having never been offered before digitally. For most people, this is the long-awaited wide release of some of the most difficult 5IVE material to track down historically.

5IVE on this release was Ben Carr on guitars and Charles Harrold on drums. Versus was recorded and mixed by Benn Carr and Bo Dixon at Odd Halo Recording Studio, mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East, and features illustrations by Aaron Turner.

Stream and order 5IVE’s Versus via Magic Bullet now RIGHT HERE.

Five Weeks Of 5IVE concludes next week with the digital release of Hesperus on September 22nd.


Versus Track Listing:
1. Soma
2. Reso-i
3. Man Or Marker
4. Soma Remix by JK Broadrick (Stage 1)
5. Soma Remix by JK Broadrick (Stage 2)

Published by admin on 13 Sep 2017

BLACK MARE “Death Magick Mother” Digital out 9/15, LP’s to come!


Published by admin on 13 Sep 2017

BLACK MARE: Cvlt Nation Hosts Exclusive Stream Of “Ingress To Form;” Death Magick Mother To See Release Digitally This Friday

Photo by Kristin Cofer

Photo by Kristin Cofer

Later this week, Los Angeles, California’s BLACK MARE will unleash the consuming bounty of Death Magick Mother. Seven songs in length, this documentation captures driving force, Sera Timms, amidst a dynamic cohesion and confluence of inspiration unlike any prior. Whereas previous output operated under a founding principle of rhythmic repetition and atmospheric simplicity toward trace-like escapism, Death Magick Mother is Timms stepping right in front of the lens for a closeup.

In advance of the release of Death Magick Mother, today Cvlt Nation is hosting an exclusive premiere of “Ingress To Form.” Issues Timms of the track, “This song started out with the idea to illustrate a raw life force energy coming into material form…I was thinking about Genesis in the bible, and the Big Bang and many other creation theories. Chaos organized into a human form seen through the eternal Mother’s eye. Then there is harmony, and relationships form, and our bodies are like cauldrons carrying our raw life force around through these relationships which are like ingredients in the cauldron. Personally, this is about an experience of pure innocent love with someone that truly humbles you… to love someone so deeply and unconditionally that you allow your ego to be decimated over and over until all that remains in your body is love. “

Adds Cvlt Nation, “Death Magick Mother embodies the power of music to create, effect and destroy, and is a stunning sophomore release and a must have in your record collection. Listening to Timms’ ethereal voice on ‘Ingress To Form, it’s no surprise that BLACK MARE was invited to perform at the recent Women’s Mass benefit hosted by The Satanic Temple – there is an electric atmosphere to her music that makes my hairs stand on end and my skin break out in goose bumps, as if she’s harnessing the electromagnetic waves traversing the earth with her voice and directing them with purpose at our self-harming species.”

Lose yourself in “Ingress To Form” at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE

And if you missed it, hear “Femme Couverte,” still streaming at BrooklynVegan, at THIS LOCATION

Death Magick Mother will see release digitally via Magic Bullet on September 15th with LPs to follow.  Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION

Mixed by Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, on BLACK MARE’s Death Magick Mother, bolder arrangements lend themselves toward soaring, dynamic vocal melodies, and nuanced harmonization to highly-satisfying effect. Spot-on performances and command of all instrumentation across the spectrum further propels the sense of arrival in mastery over her chosen craft. In many ways, this album is an awakening for both its creator and listeners alike.

Following a recent midnight ceremony in celebration of a total eclipse with France’s Celeste and a women’s mass replete with a bloodletting ritual, BLACK MARE will take on a traditional tour of the western United States in direct support of Junius. See confirmed dates below.


BLACK MARE w/ Junius, Mustard Gas & Roses:
9/21/2017 Yucca Tap Room – Phoenix, AZ
9/22/2017 The Viper Room – West Hollywood, CA w/ Hours
9/23/2017 The Golden Bull – Oakland, CA w/ Daxma
9/24/2017 Cafe Colonial – Sacramento, CA
9/25/2017 Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR w/ Wovoka, Drainage
9/26/2017 Highline Bar – Seattle, WA w/ They Rise We Die
9/27/2017 The Shredder – Boise, ID
9/28/2017 Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
9/29/2017 Hi-Dive Denver – Denver, CO w/ Ghosts Of Glaciers
10/01/2017 The Sidewinder – Austin, TX

BLACK MARE is the solo project of Sera Timms, vocalist and bassist for Ides Of Gemini and of the now-disbanded Black Math Horseman. With a focus on rhythmic repetition and atmospheric simplicity, BLACK MAREsteps outside the collaborative dynamic to reveal a creative process that is all Sera’s own. Her songs traverse hidden realms, fragments of dreams, submerged memories, and mythical imagery. Where Black Math Horseman and Ides Of Gemini demand volume and collusion, BLACK MARE requires quiet contemplation. If Black Math Horseman and Ides Of Gemini seek to summon the deafening roar of inevitability, BLACK MARE delivers its verdicts on cresting waves and solemn whispers. And yet each operates, in its own way, within the darkened spheres of oceanic hypnosis.


Published by admin on 06 Sep 2017

“Five Weeks Of 5IVE” Continues With “The Hemophiliac Dream” + “The Theory Of Abstract Light” Solo Recordings Reissues

5ive_13 [photo by Jason Hellmann][photo by Jason Hellmann]

Magic Bullet Records’ Five Weeks Of 5IVE continues, as the label digitally reissues the entire catalog of defunct Boston riff/math/doom rock act, 5IVE. The past two weeks have seen the rebirth of 5IVE’s self-titled debut and follow-up The Telestic Disfracture, and now this Friday, September 8th, will see the label re-releasing the outfit’s third title, The Hemophiliac Dream, as well as the reissue of the eponymous THE THEORY OF ABSTRACT LIGHT solo recordings from the band’s Benjamin Carr.

Stream and order 5IVE’s The Hemophiliac Dream HERE and The Theory Of Abstract Light album HERE.

Five Weeks Of 5IVE continues with the reissue of Versus on September 15th and Hesperus on September 22nd.

A space shuttle pharmacy, composing mini-symphonies that hang in the atmosphere, with effects similar to Ambien, Xanax, Valium, and other synthetic sedatives. Performing under the moniker 5IVE’s CONTINUUM RESEARCH PROJECT on this release, The Hemophiliac Dream is considered the third offering from 5IVE. It was originally only released on CD format by Tortuga Recordings on November 26th, 2002. While many of the aspects of this recording remain a mystery, here’s what we do know: “Part I” is 24:02 in length. It features Ben Carr on drones and sonics, Charlie Harrold on “wrenches,” with Jeff Caxide (of ISIS) on “subbass (feebles), Rhodes, and lost weed.” Carr also handled the artwork, layout, and mechanics of this release. Bo Dixon engineered the recording of “Part I” in March of 2002 at “Unknown” Studio. James Plotkin remixed the track, which comprises “Part II” of the album. Dave Locke pre-mastered the recording at JP Masters before Nick Zampiello took the reins to master the entire record.

Self-described as, “an interpretation of depression falling into madness,” THE THEORY OF ABSTRACT LIGHT was a solo project and album by 5IVE’s Benjamin Carr. In 2001, Carr released the nine-song album via his own Odd Halo Recordings imprint; it was packaged in a custom, letterpressed and foil-stamped cardstock case with insert. Interestingly, Carr made the packaging alongside his father in the latter’s print shop. The duo also created many packaging elements for 5IVE, Hydra Head Records, and Deathwish Inc. during this era. The Theory Of Abstract Light recording was later reissued in the fall of 2002 by the now defunct Tortuga Recordings label. Both versions are long sold out and long out of print with 2017 marking the first time that this recording has been offered digitally in quite some time. On this album, all sonic captures and mechanics were tracked by Carr at Odd Halo in Gloucester, Massachusetts in the winter of 2000, and mastering was performed by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East.


The Hemophiliac Dream Track Listing:
1. Part I: The Hemophiliac Dream
2. Part II: The Hemophiliac Dream (A James Plotkin Remix)


The Theory Of Abstract Light Track Listing:
1. Outside The World’s Fair (1912)
2. Is the Dream…
3. Self Is Taught (Daemon)
4. Self Loathing (Realizing)
5. The Menagerie (Broken) (Minus One)
6. His Mother’s Lock (A Broken Memoir)
7. The Hemophiliac Dream
8. The Hemophiliac Dream (Draem)
9. The Hemophiliac Dream (A Message Into)

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