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Published by admin on 10 Jun 2014

Now in the webstore: CHARLES MANSON “Trees” LP on blue vinyl /50

manson_trees_blueNow in the webstore: CHARLES MANSON Trees LP on translucent blue vinyl.

From the first pressing of the album, we recently found a handful of translucent blue copies, limited to 50 pieces. This was the second LP issued in the ATWA (Air, Trees, Water, Animals) series featuring music and spoken passages recorded entirely by CHARLES MANSON himself.

More information on the release is available here.

These copies are extremely limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you.

Published by admin on 10 Jun 2014

Now in the webstore: CHARLES MANSON “Air” LP on blue vinyl /50

manson_air_blueNow in the webstore: CHARLES MANSON Air LP on translucent blue vinyl.

From the first pressing of the album, we recently found a handful of translucent blue copies, limited to 50 pieces. This was the first LP issued in the ATWA (Air, Trees, Water, Animals) series featuring music and spoken passages recorded entirely by CHARLES MANSON himself.

More information on the release is available here.

These copies are extremely limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you.

Published by admin on 14 Feb 2012

CHARLES MANSON sentenced to solitary confinement at age 77

As frequent supporters of the label and visitors to this site are well aware, Magic Bullet has had the unique experience of issuing recorded works by CHARLES MANSON in recent times. Just as one might expect, the journey has been absolutely fascinating and entirely compelling from ‘go.’ In the months/years that have passed throughout this process, I’ve grown to have a much more informed perspective on the man, his music, and his daily punishment (stemming from the landmark court ruling that surely everyone reading this is already well-versed upon). In fact, I can honestly say that the constant correspondence and communication between myself, Charles, and several mutual friends has genuinely been a wholly positive experience, very much unlike what media-driven preconceptions would lead the average citizen to imagine.

In short, I’ve quite enjoyed my time getting to know CHARLES MANSON as a person far away from the preconceptions… far away from the agenda. And judging by the overwhelming response we’ve received over the Air and Trees albums, it’s very clear to me that a.) many of you out there truly appreciate the music and art created by Charles, and b.) many of you are empathetic to his daily reality as a human being sentenced to spend his remaining days on earth in prison.

Because of these factors, I feel a responsibility to share some information concerning recent developments in Charles’ imprisonment publicly, in hopes that those who feel passionate enough will take action. The gist of the current issue we’re facing is that Charles has been sentenced to 15 months in solitary confinement surrounding his possession of a eyeglass frame wire that he had been using in the creation of his various hand-made crafts. To be clear, legally, he’s not supposed to have possession of such an item. But the issue prompting this post is quite simply the severity of the punishment for the rather common occurrence in prisons of inmates possessing such contraband.

Some friends very close to this situation have put together their own synopsis and subsequent call to action via, which can be viewed here. If you’re empathetic to the situation and/or would like more information about it, I’d strongly urge you to read up on it and determine your response accordingly.

Thank you for reading.
- Brent 02.14.12

Published by admin on 13 Jan 2012

Repress : CHARLES MANSON “Trees” LP : Black Vinyl

Now in the webstore: special black vinyl versions of CHARLES MANSON‘s Trees album, his second full length for Magic Bullet Records.

This edition was created for the purists who prefer their records on traditional black vinyl.

Every copy comes with a full-album Mp3 digital download coupon and is housed in a matte-coated jacket featuring an exclusive photo of Manson at 75. The insert features additional art and an exclusive message from Manson to you.

To order this LP, please visit the webstore.

Published by admin on 28 Jun 2011

A not-so-brief list of what’s next:

We’ve had about a month or so now to cool down from the JESUIT Discography LP+7″/CD and BIG CHINA & LITTLE TROUBLE Lo-Panning LP mailorder workload/crush. Thanks to everyone who supported those releases with such enthusiasm. It was an insane amount of work putting every facet of both together, but entirely worth it. Nothing feels better than seeing tub after tub of mailers head out of here and off to their new destinations.

All that being said, things are about to get beyond ridiculous later this summer/early fall. The following update is for things that are actually in various stages of production. I’ve omitted the “coming soon” list and other projects in the pipeline because this is more than enough for everyone to process right now as-is. If you don’t see something on this list that may have been talked about in previous updates, no worries… it just means that it’s not in this next crop. Here’s what we’re actively working on right now and what you can expect next:

SSORC Infidel Eternal LP+7″
SUTEKH HEXEN Behind the Throne LP
• T0-be-named-project 12″ featuring Ryan Parrish of Darkest Hour, Graham Scala and Brent Eyestone of Highness and Meditative Sect, etc. Currently being mixed.
VERMAPYRE DVD (co-release with We Tried Film, a new film division within Magic Bullet)
CHARLES MANSON The Inner Sanctum 7″ reissue (licensed from Holy Terror)
BOY SETS FIRE This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice is Being Born. LP (marking the 15th anniversary of Magic Bullet Records and Magic Bullet #1)

MEDITATIVE SECT Laceration Points LP
PG.99/MAJORITY RULE Document 12 LP

Published by admin on 26 May 2011

CHARLES MANSON : full transcript of recent Vanity Fair interview

In a rare move, CHARLES MANSON recently broke prolonged media silence to speak with David Lopez of Vanity Fair Spain. Portions of the interview were then printed in the Spanish edition of the magazine. Manson Direct have since taken the time to transcribe the interview in its entirety, including large portions that did not make the final article.

You can read the entire interview here.

Published by admin on 21 Mar 2011

Repress : Charles Manson “Air” LP : 4th pressing

Now in the webstore: the fourth pressing of CHARLES MANSON‘s now landmark Air LP.

It seems like only yesterday that we issued the first pressing of this record, so to already be on the fourth is truly great feeling. The vinyl color this time ended up being primarily clear, but you’ll notice on each copy that there’s varying degrees of black “smoke” permeating throughout. Some are more pronounced then others, but each copy is certainly one of a kind.

500 were pressed in total and they are available now in the webstore (along with the 15 remaining red copies of the third pressing). Thanks again for the tremendous support of this album.

Published by admin on 08 Feb 2011

International commission petitioned for release of Charles Manson

On January 27, 2011, noted defense lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for the immediate release of American prisoner Charles Milles Manson.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is a part of the Organization of American States (OAS).  Its human rights duties stem from three documents:  the OAS Charter, the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, and the American Convention on Human Rights.

In his petition to the IACHR, Di Stefano refers to Article 8 of the American Convention on Human Rights “Right to a Fair Trial”, specifically (1) – the right to a hearing, with due guarantees… by a competent, independent and impartial tribunal; as well as Article 8 (2d) – the right of the accused to defend himself personally or to be assisted by legal counsel of his own choosing…

The petition on Mansons’ behalf highlights the fact that Manson was illegally denied his right to pro-per (self-representation).  The appeal also points to the highly prejudicial and massive pre-trial media coverage.

Di Stefano closes his petition to the IACHR by stating; “Mr. Manson remains in custody more as a symbol for the US Criminal Justice System, a cult, an example made rather than because of real evidence to sustain a conviction, and under no circumstances did Mr. Manson have a fair trial.”

IACHR homepage –

Published by admin on 24 Dec 2010

Magic Bullet 2010 Year-End Podcast Available for Free Download!

As 2010 nears its end, reflection mode has kicked in and I’m realizing what an unbelievable year it’s truly been. If anyone were to tell you that CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE, INTEGRITY, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, and CHARLES MANSON would not only have records on the same label, but all in the same year, it’s not very likely that you could envision any scenario where that were possible. And yet that somehow happened. CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE‘s S/T (aka The Stereo Record) was unearthed and remastered, INTEGRITY gave us two of the greatest songs the band has ever written, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS brought their latest studio record over here (our first certified gold record!), and we somehow locked down four previously unheard CHARLES MANSON records for release.

This was all on top of a band new THIS WILL DESTROY YOU pic disc, a YEARS double album, MADE OUT OF BABIESThe Ruiner finally seeing LP treatment, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP‘s debut full length Moondrifts, MEDITATIVE SECT‘s Laceration Points LP, a letterpress/reissue edition of FORENSICSThings to Do… LP, FORENSICS You Don’t Have to Win, But You Have to Fight, and represses galore.

Basically, a lot of shit went down and I fully understand if it was tough to keep up with everything. As a means to show appreciation and perhaps even make sure that nothing slipped through the cracks in your search for new music, I stayed in (this is not a new phenomenon) and put together a podcast (this is a new phenomenon) featuring about 80 minutes of jams and commentary. You can pull it down from:


It was fun making this and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Happy Holidays,

Published by admin on 11 Dec 2010


You are looking at the third pressing of CHARLES MANSON‘s Air LP. There’s 300 copies and they are all on translucent RED vinyl.

It’s fantastic how supportive you guys have been out there and how fast these pressings are selling out. I’m already planning the next pressing given how fast the last one went (200 in a day!). We’re also working on another pressing of the CD version in new ecopak format (seems only right given how much we’re focusing on ecology with this series).

As if this new color isn’t enough good news, we’ve got even more in the form of yet another massive distro update. Yes, that means we have more imported MANSON FAMILY pic discs! You know the deal… limited to 500, impossible to get, etc. etc. Well, we have another handful of them for cheaper than anywhere else worldwide, so hop to it over in the webstore auxiliary.

Here’s the complete list of new distro items:

• BARONESS “First/Second” LP (Sealed)
• CAPSULE “S/T” LP (slime mold vinyl)
• DAYBREAK / GOSTOMPER “Split” LP (Sealed)
• DRAIN THE SKY “Haunted By Rivers” LP (ex-HIS HERO IS GONE!! Blue vinyl)
• EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE “Discography” LP (Clear vinyl. Entire release limited to 300)
• GET RAD “Say Fuck No to Rules, Man” LP (Sealed)
• INTER ARMA “Sundown” LP (Hiiiiiighly recommended Richmond metal brothers)
• ISIS “Panopticon” 2xLP (restock)
• MANSON FAMILY “The Family Jams” import picture disc LP
• THOU “Baton Rouge” LP
• TIDELAND “Asleep in the Graveyard” LP (Cream vinyl. George from pg.99/Forensics)
• ULTRA DOLPHINS “Why Are You Laugh?” LP (Sealed)
• ULTRA DOLPHINS “Mar” LP (Sealed)
• YOUNG WIDOWS “Live” LP (Cranberry vinyl. Only 500 made!!)

Check out the auxiliary here.

Published by admin on 01 Dec 2010

Charles Manson news

First off, thanks to everyone who ordered a gold/birthday copy of the “Air” LP. That was the fastest we’ve seen something sell out since the first press of the newest INTEGRITY 7″. A repress of “Air,” on red vinyl, is on the way shortly. Look for it soon in the webstore. We’ve also secured more copies of the Family Jams picture disc from Germany… I know that will make several of you happy, as we blew through the last batch extremely quickly. Again, keep checking back in the webstore in the coming days.

In other news, there is is a new book that is out today called “Charles Manson Now,” written by a gentleman named Marlin Marynick. It’s far from the traditional/sensationalist Manson book fare that’s been foisted upon the public for however many years now. Marynick did his legwork for this one and we’re all looking forward to reading it and discussing it with others in the coming days. Amazon has been so kind as to offer a bundle featuring this new book along with a copy of “Air” on CD. You can purchase both here.

Outside of that, I genuinely appreciate the positivity that’s been pouring in surrounding the “Air” release. When I made the decision to bring the ATWA project over to Magic Bullet, it was entirely out of my own curiosity and desire to learn and experience what it would be like to work with such a polarizing public figure and get some answers for myself. I did not know what to anticipate… only that I was very comfortable steering my longer, overall journey into these uncharted waters if it meant seeing some actual reality and truth concerning Charlie with my own eyes and ears. And while we’re only 25% along in the series, I’m simply blown away by the public response and private conversations this has all generated and made possible.

So quite simply, thank you. This trip has been something else so far, I’ve made some really great, intelligent friends, and I’m completely energized to share much more of Charlie’s musical side with all of you in the coming months ahead. We are currently working on the “Trees” installment, which should be fantastic when all is said and done.

Published by admin on 12 Nov 2010

Happy birthday, Charlie. Special gold vinyl birthday edition of “Air” now available.

Today marks a very special day, as it is the 76th birthday of CHARLES MANSON. To celebrate, we’re offering a very special gold vinyl edition of his album Air, limited to only 200 pieces. This can be considered the second pressing of the album and is available in the webstore now.

We also imported a very small amount of the MANSON FAMILY “The Family Jams” LP picture disc from Germany. Only 500 of these were made and come with a special postcard. These are available in the auxiliary/distro section of our webstore. You will need to act very quickly if you want one. Numerous people have requested that we bring these in and quantities in stock are extremely limited.

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