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Published by admin on 22 Jun 2010

Massive webstore update : Christie Front Drive, Integrity, Forensics, Meditative Sect, This Will Destroy You, and more!

An ungodly amount of new items have been added to the webstore:

• CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE t-shirt (limited to 100)
• FORENSICS “Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway” letterpressed LP (4 variations)
• INTEGRITY “VVe Are The End” 7″ + T-Shirt PRE-SALE (Grey vinyl /100)
• MEDITATIVE SECT “Laceration Points” LP (Purple vinyl /150)
• THIS WILL DESTROY YOU “Moving on the Edges of Things” 12″ (/1000)
• BRENT EYESTONE “Laceration Points” Limited Edition T-Shirt (/75)

Please note that the INTEGRITY and CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE vinyl is PRE-SALE in nature.  This means that we’ve approved the test presses, but the final slabs of vinyl have not been received at Magic Bullet just yet.  We should have them within a few weeks and will ship all orders for them at that point.  If you are not a patient person, please do not do the pre-sale.  Just wait until it’s all out and in-stock.  Cool?  Cool.

Published by admin on 29 May 2010

Christie Front Drive “S/T” featured album at eMusic

eMusic recently made the CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE “S/T” their featured album for the entire freakin’ site. They even gave “Fin” away for free for an entire day. If you want to hear this classic in its fully remastered glory, it’s available now on eMusic, iTunes, or any download site of your choice.

CD/DVD and LP/DVD versions will be available for mailorder very soon.

We’ll also be reissuing the only official CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE shirt the band ever made.  There were 20 made for a Detroit Fest many moons ago.  The original art has been found and we’re doing a limited edition of 100 for true fans.  Look for all of these things in the coming weeks!

Published by admin on 29 May 2010

Free track/review: 17 Dots: Christie Front Drive “S/T”

From 17 Dots:

Seminal emo poster boys Christie Front Drive helped sketch the blueprint for literally hundreds of mall-dwelling, marble notebook-scribbling imitators. But this Denver quartet’s just reissued, self-titled second album from 1997, alternately known as Stereo remains a gorgeous collection of splayed rock masterpieces. The guitars shimmer and dash while the drums stay low in the mix. Eric Richter and Jason Begin sing simultaneously, but never collide. Their chemistry on “Fin” is like any good relationship: Sweet, sincere, a little desperate, and completely unique.

Published by admin on 11 Mar 2010

Christie Front Drive feature in Exclaim! (Canada)

Canadian magazine Exclaim! has published a teaser for the CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE discography projects currently being tackled here at Magic Bullet.  Read all the rumors and conjecture here.

The remastered and repackaged “S/T” CD/LP/DVD has been sent off to plants and will be in stores everywhere June 15, 2010.  Pay attention to this site if you’re not down with adhering to that sort of formality and you’ll get it sooner…

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