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Published by admin on 19 Oct 2016

COLISEUM & DOOMRIDERS: Magic Bullet Records Confirms Reissue Of Long Out-Of-Print Danzig Covers For November Release


Magic Bullet Records will reissue the long out-of-print Not Of this World split 7” from COLISEUM and DOOMRIDERS in November, this week posting preorders and more on the release.

Back in 2005, COLISEUM’s Ryan Patterson self-released a 12” on his label Auxiliary which featured both his band and Boston’s DOOMRIDERS’ ultimate tribute to the almighty Danzig. Each band turned a cover of a song from the classic self-titled debut Danzig LP, with COLISEUM adding two originals and DOOMRIDERS putting up one original. A CD version of the release was also issued on the defunct Level Plane label.

While the COLISEUM material was later repackaged into a collections release on Temporary Residence, the DOOMRIDERS material remained out-of-print for many years. As part of the upcoming celebrations to commemorate Magic Bullet Records’ 20th anniversary, the label is celebrating the friends and musicians (lifers) that were a significant inspiration as the years went on, starting with a split 7” featuring both bands’ Danzig covers from the 2005 Not Of This Worldsplit. Without question, the gentlemen that comprise(d) both bands have been essential to the growth of the label, be it releasing great music on Magic Bullet (i.e. DOOMRIDERS’ debut LP Black ThunderDISAPPEARER’s The Clearing 2xLP/CD, the first four OLD MAN GLOOM LP’s, JESUIT’s Discography LP/CD, etc.), screening shirts for Magic Bullet bands (via Shirtkiller), booking and playing shows with Magic Bullet bands, and on and on.

This special, limited reissue features brand new Danzig tribute artwork from the steady hands of visual artist Florian Bertmer. Magic Bullet will reissue Not Of This World on November 18th on black, white, and clear 7” vinyl pressings. Preorders are available at the label store HERE and via Bandcamp HERE.

Not Of This World Track Listing:
1. Am I Demon (COLISEUM)
2. Possession (DOOMRIDERS)

Published by admin on 13 Oct 2016

COLISEUM & DOOMRIDERS “Not of this World” 7″ out November 18, 2016


Published by admin on 19 Feb 2016

Now in the webstore: DOOMRIDERS “Black Thunder” LP on blind, sealed colors!

mbl073-mysteryNow in the webstore: DOOMRIDERS Black Thunder LP repress!

For this run we gave the pressing plant the instructions to “go nuts” and just make as many different and uniquely crazy colors and color schemes as possible for the vinyl itself. The idea was to make it so that each person receives a one-of-a-kind record. To make it even more fun, all copies were instantly sealed into the jackets at the factory so that not even us at the label have any clue what color is in each copy. This insures the complete randomness of distribution to everyone who picks up a copy.

To order the LP online, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore.

Published by admin on 20 Nov 2012

Repress : DOOMRIDERS “Black Thunder” LP

Now in the webstore : DOOMRIDERS Black Thunder LP.

This is another awesome record that can’t ever seem to stop selling. In fact, our distributor has already almost sold through most of this pressing, so quantities for sale via the label are extremely limited. Better to act now if you’re wanting to snag any of these colors!

This time around, we’ve got the following vinyl colors:


All of these versions turned out rather incredible!

In terms of any differences from previous pressings, the jackets on this one one are standard board stock (previous pressings had clay or news back). Inserts are on white paper. Center labels remain unchanged.

Per usual,  we don’t release pressing numbers on our stuff, so please simply choose whichever color(s) you personally dig and please be sure to actually listen to your purchase.

Copies of this album are now available in the webstore.

Thanks for the support.

Published by admin on 26 Feb 2011

Repress : DOOMRIDERS “Black Thunder” LP

Now in the webstore: yet another repress of DOOMRIDERS‘ popular debut LP Black Thunder.

This time around, we ran two variations. First up is something we’re calling “THUNDERSTRUCK.” It’s basically like a deep bruise that turned black. The purples are deep, the blues are throbbing, and some skin peeks through here and there. Dark, dark, dark is the key here. Roughly 250 exist.

The second variation is “PURPLE HAZE.” It’s a lavender/light purple marbly melange of a color. Either way, it’s entirely based on the background haze of the front cover at that Jebb painted. I thought it would be really cool to have the record itself look like an extension of that since we never really had that before on this title. Again, about 250 of these exist.

Nerdiness: this is the first run of Black Thunder to feature standard white 1c1s board stock on the LP jacket. Previous runs all had clay-coated news back. If you care about this, you’re missing the fucking point and need to listen to more of your records instead of “collecting” them.

Copies of both variations are in the webstore now. The band also has some copies that you’ll be able to purchase at future shows.


Published by admin on 03 Jan 2011

FORENSICS : 12/22/05 set from Philadelphia, PA

As a thank you to the overly-kind people who sent in some wonderful sentiments after the last post about FORENSICS calling it a day, I went back through all of the video people had sent me over the years and uploaded a live set from 2005 that I feel accurately represents the band both at its best and in the precise context that we initially strove for via the hard work we put in on the front end.

The year was 2005, we were on a great trip with friends who comprised two incredible bands (DOOMRIDERS, CAVE IN) and consistently playing rooms stuffed full of appreciative, open-minded people. We played the songs passionately and we had an absolute blast getting to spend time together on the stages and off. Just watching this clip… and seeing Santos’ uncompromising precision and intensity, Andy’s swaying groove, and George’s calm cool (accentuated with the occasional awesome youth crew jump or kick) takes me back to a warm, urgent time. In many ways, that era was the high water mark for what the band could be and I’ll always look back fondly at those days.

I hope you enjoy this blast from the past. On Friday, Andy and I will be doing this all one last time in Richmond, VA (see shows section) with Graham on guitar and Brad on drums. Both of those guys have logged the past few years of shows and recordings for the band and we’re all glad to have had our time as the final four members.

Come Saturday, Andy, Graham, and myself reunite with George and embark on an entirely new path alongside our friend Eric Richter. I sincerely hope that all who have been supportive of our individual and collective works of the past will continue on with this particular chapter in our musical journeys. I couldn’t be more excited. – Brent

Published by admin on 24 Dec 2010

Magic Bullet 2010 Year-End Podcast Available for Free Download!

As 2010 nears its end, reflection mode has kicked in and I’m realizing what an unbelievable year it’s truly been. If anyone were to tell you that CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE, INTEGRITY, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, and CHARLES MANSON would not only have records on the same label, but all in the same year, it’s not very likely that you could envision any scenario where that were possible. And yet that somehow happened. CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE‘s S/T (aka The Stereo Record) was unearthed and remastered, INTEGRITY gave us two of the greatest songs the band has ever written, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS brought their latest studio record over here (our first certified gold record!), and we somehow locked down four previously unheard CHARLES MANSON records for release.

This was all on top of a band new THIS WILL DESTROY YOU pic disc, a YEARS double album, MADE OUT OF BABIESThe Ruiner finally seeing LP treatment, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP‘s debut full length Moondrifts, MEDITATIVE SECT‘s Laceration Points LP, a letterpress/reissue edition of FORENSICSThings to Do… LP, FORENSICS You Don’t Have to Win, But You Have to Fight, and represses galore.

Basically, a lot of shit went down and I fully understand if it was tough to keep up with everything. As a means to show appreciation and perhaps even make sure that nothing slipped through the cracks in your search for new music, I stayed in (this is not a new phenomenon) and put together a podcast (this is a new phenomenon) featuring about 80 minutes of jams and commentary. You can pull it down from:


It was fun making this and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Happy Holidays,