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Published by admin on 09 Jun 2014

FORENSICS “Everytime” (Britney Spears cover) available for free download

mbl1727 years before Harmony Korine and a braided James Franco recognized and immortalized the genius of Britney Spears’ “Everytime,” the heavy quartet known as FORENSICS (featuring PG.99/TIDELAND‘s George Crum, HIGHNESS‘ Brent Eyestone, OLD MAN GLOOM‘s Santos Montaño) teamed up with their friend Lauren Durfey to put down a guitar/drums-driven rendition of the song for a Christmas single distributed in 2005.

The track can now be downloaded for free at the Magic Bullet Bandcamp page: please enjoy.

Published by admin on 11 Apr 2013

“Visual Violence: Brent Eyestone” artist feature (Decibel Magazine)

The fine people at Decibel Magazine recently invited Magic Bullet Records’ Brent Eyestone to pen a guest article about his inspirations and influences surrounding the illustration work that became the cover of the IRON REAGAN Worse Than Dead album.

In the piece, Eyestone walks through 5 unique albums from punk and metal’s past that can be seen as having some sort of historical bearing on what ultimately was produced in the final version of the Worse Than Dead cover. Artwork from all albums supplements the piece, along with songs from each album.

To read the article, please swing by the Decibel Magazine website and enjoy:

Published by admin on 28 Dec 2011

Magic Bullet & Brent Eyestone feature is Free Lance-Star’s “Weekender” cover story

Fredericksburg, VA’s The Free Lance-Star recently featured Magic Bullet and Brent Eyestone as the cover story in their “Weekender” section. The story appeared as the center spread of this past Thursday’s issue. It covers the label’s roots, the advent of the retail store, information on Moneyball and the label’s licensing side, and various tidbits from the last 15 years of the label’s existence.

We’d like to thank all at The Free Lance-Star (especially Ryan Marr) for all of their attention to detail and care in putting the piece together. We felt that it managed to effectively communicate what we’re about and the sense of humor we have about everything we do.

Here’s a link to the article for online friends:


Published by admin on 03 Jan 2011

Graham Scala’s Favorite Albums of 2010

Graham Scala (FORENSICS, MEDITATIVE SECT, VENTOUX, et al) has turned in his year-end top 10 favorite album list to RVA.

You can check out his picks here.

Graham has been one of the most solid friends and musical conspirators any guy could ever ask for over the years and I highly value his musical tastes and opinions higher than most human beings out there. You’d do well to do the same… enjoy and happy new year, everybody!

Published by admin on 03 Jan 2011

FORENSICS : 12/22/05 set from Philadelphia, PA

As a thank you to the overly-kind people who sent in some wonderful sentiments after the last post about FORENSICS calling it a day, I went back through all of the video people had sent me over the years and uploaded a live set from 2005 that I feel accurately represents the band both at its best and in the precise context that we initially strove for via the hard work we put in on the front end.

The year was 2005, we were on a great trip with friends who comprised two incredible bands (DOOMRIDERS, CAVE IN) and consistently playing rooms stuffed full of appreciative, open-minded people. We played the songs passionately and we had an absolute blast getting to spend time together on the stages and off. Just watching this clip… and seeing Santos’ uncompromising precision and intensity, Andy’s swaying groove, and George’s calm cool (accentuated with the occasional awesome youth crew jump or kick) takes me back to a warm, urgent time. In many ways, that era was the high water mark for what the band could be and I’ll always look back fondly at those days.

I hope you enjoy this blast from the past. On Friday, Andy and I will be doing this all one last time in Richmond, VA (see shows section) with Graham on guitar and Brad on drums. Both of those guys have logged the past few years of shows and recordings for the band and we’re all glad to have had our time as the final four members.

Come Saturday, Andy, Graham, and myself reunite with George and embark on an entirely new path alongside our friend Eric Richter. I sincerely hope that all who have been supportive of our individual and collective works of the past will continue on with this particular chapter in our musical journeys. I couldn’t be more excited. – Brent

Published by admin on 31 Dec 2010

FORENSICS : That’s a wrap.

It’s now been 8 years and however many hundreds of shows… that’s a long time and a lot of gigs for any band, let alone one with such varying and odd releases all issued in the spirit of “sonic exploration.” So, while it was a lot of fun to have so much creative freedom and highway/jetway miles under our feet, I’ve decided that 2011 is the proper year to kill it off and move on to something far more focused and more “me” as I stand today. And so, on January 7, 2011, FORENSICS will be destroyed publicly in Richmond, VA for any for wish to be in attendance.

I started this band in 2003 for no other reason but to jam with really good dudes and put a 3″ CD in an evidence container. It obviously went on much longer than that and took me to many places and introduced me to many more great people than I ever imagined possible. I’m always going to be thankful for that.

Yet at the end of 2010, an opportunity came along that was entirely good to pass up. As such, 3/4 of FORENSICS’ current lineup are moving on to a new, exciting endeavor that will be reuniting us with a very familiar face/old friend… as well as an additional musician/vocalist that I’ve held in the absolute highest regard for the last 17 years and counting. There will be much more information available in the coming weeks concerning our new band. In the meantime, we’re going to enjoy this final week as FORENSICS and cap it with a very loud and festive coffin nail come Friday at Empire.

Thanks to all who supported the band on every level. It was a fantastic trip and we’re all looking forward to checking your seat belts and making sure you’re buckled in for the next stage in our pedigree. It’s going to be our wildest ride yet.

Published by admin on 24 Dec 2010

Magic Bullet 2010 Year-End Podcast Available for Free Download!

As 2010 nears its end, reflection mode has kicked in and I’m realizing what an unbelievable year it’s truly been. If anyone were to tell you that CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE, INTEGRITY, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, and CHARLES MANSON would not only have records on the same label, but all in the same year, it’s not very likely that you could envision any scenario where that were possible. And yet that somehow happened. CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE‘s S/T (aka The Stereo Record) was unearthed and remastered, INTEGRITY gave us two of the greatest songs the band has ever written, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS brought their latest studio record over here (our first certified gold record!), and we somehow locked down four previously unheard CHARLES MANSON records for release.

This was all on top of a band new THIS WILL DESTROY YOU pic disc, a YEARS double album, MADE OUT OF BABIESThe Ruiner finally seeing LP treatment, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP‘s debut full length Moondrifts, MEDITATIVE SECT‘s Laceration Points LP, a letterpress/reissue edition of FORENSICSThings to Do… LP, FORENSICS You Don’t Have to Win, But You Have to Fight, and represses galore.

Basically, a lot of shit went down and I fully understand if it was tough to keep up with everything. As a means to show appreciation and perhaps even make sure that nothing slipped through the cracks in your search for new music, I stayed in (this is not a new phenomenon) and put together a podcast (this is a new phenomenon) featuring about 80 minutes of jams and commentary. You can pull it down from:


It was fun making this and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Happy Holidays,

Published by admin on 28 Oct 2010

Extensive interview with Ryan Parrish (Years, Suppression, Ghastly City Sleep, etc.)

Graham Scala (of FORENSICS, REAL TALK, VENTOUX, MEDITATIVE SECT, et al) sat down with Ryan Parrish (YEARS, SUPPRESSION, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP, et al) for a rather comprehensive overview and discussion on all of the musical projects he’s currently involved with.

In 2010 alone, Magic Bullet has issued no less than three full lengths (one being a double disc) involving Ryan’s projects. Needless to say, his passion for music and his commitment toward performing relentlessly around the world before people is unquestionable.

The interview is featured in RVA Magazine and can be read in its entirety here.  Enjoy.

Published by admin on 01 Jul 2010

August 10, 2010 = huge street date

This is an ad I just wrapped up for Decibel #71, which will be on your newsstand August 5.

Five days later, we’re going to have one of our biggest release dates ever, both in quantity and the overall heavy-hitterness involved.

If the type of person to support your local independent record store, first of all, bless your heart. But secondly, make sure your local shop is stocked on the following so that you can snatch them up:

• FORENSICS “Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway” reissue LP (Aaron Horkey letterpress edition)
• INTEGRITY “VVe Are the End” 7″
• MEDITATIVE SECT “Laceration Points” LP
• THIS WILL DESTROY YOU “Moving on the Edges of Things” picture disc 12″

Most of these items are in the webstore now as well.  Enjoy.

Published by admin on 22 Jun 2010

Massive webstore update : Christie Front Drive, Integrity, Forensics, Meditative Sect, This Will Destroy You, and more!

An ungodly amount of new items have been added to the webstore:

• CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE t-shirt (limited to 100)
• FORENSICS “Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway” letterpressed LP (4 variations)
• INTEGRITY “VVe Are The End” 7″ + T-Shirt PRE-SALE (Grey vinyl /100)
• MEDITATIVE SECT “Laceration Points” LP (Purple vinyl /150)
• THIS WILL DESTROY YOU “Moving on the Edges of Things” 12″ (/1000)
• BRENT EYESTONE “Laceration Points” Limited Edition T-Shirt (/75)

Please note that the INTEGRITY and CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE vinyl is PRE-SALE in nature.  This means that we’ve approved the test presses, but the final slabs of vinyl have not been received at Magic Bullet just yet.  We should have them within a few weeks and will ship all orders for them at that point.  If you are not a patient person, please do not do the pre-sale.  Just wait until it’s all out and in-stock.  Cool?  Cool.

Published by admin on 22 Jun 2010

Detail: Forensics “Things to Do…” reissue LP (Aaron Horkey letterpress edition)

After some months of careful retooling and planning at the hands of Aaron Horkey, myself, and our friend Keegan, Magic Bullet has reclaimed the vinyl version of FORENSICS’ Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway and given it a major facelift. New separation, silkscreening, letterpress printing, offset printing, hand-numbering, and more comprise this reimagined beauty of a record.  Below are some photos… this is now up in the webstore.

Published by admin on 22 Apr 2010

Forensics/Magic Bullet interview with Brent over at 101-D.

101 Distribution recently interviewed Brent Eyestone about the new FORENSICS album, the label, the dissolution of the Lumberjack-Mordam Music Group, skateboarding, and more.  To read the interview in its entirety, go here.