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Published by admin on 30 Jul 2014

GHASTLY CITY SLEEP premiere “White Owls”

WHITE-OWLS-MONDAY-PREMIERE-700x440Brooklyn’s GHASTLY CITY SLEEP are set to release another 2xLP on Magic Bullet Records this fall titled Lulling Skulls.

For those that can’t wait for a peak into what the new album offers, Nylon Guys recently premiered the song “White Owls” for full stream.

You can hear it all here.

Published by admin on 11 Apr 2013

HIGHNESS “Gaea (Strings)” song premiere, courtesy of Revolver Magazine

Late last week, Revolver Magazine premiered “Gaea (Strings),” the first song from the upcoming HIGHNESS debut album Hold, along with a short feature on the band. To read the piece, you can check it out on the Revolver Magazine site.

RVA Magazine (out of the band’s partial hometown of Richmond, Virginia) also ran a recent feature on the band, which you can check out on the RVA Magazine site.

Hold will be in stores everywhere on May 14, 2013, along with a reissue of the first LP from singer Eric Richter’s former band CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE. We anticipate it being a rather exciting day for fans of his work.

Published by admin on 07 Jul 2011

Ghastly City Sleep: tour

Also, I have several hundred copies of Moondrifts on 2xLP cramming up an entire room of my basement. They’re currently in the webstore for the drastically reduced rates of $8.99. If you’ve seen the package, you know we’re not making any money off this one any time soon, if ever. Help a brother out and snag one if you can. Thanks.

Published by admin on 22 Mar 2011

Repress : Ghastly City Sleep “Moondrifts” 2xLP : 2nd Pressing

In many ways, almost every facet of this release was cursed from start to finish. However, our headache now becomes your gain, as we’re offering the second pressing of GHASTLY CITY SLEEP‘s Moondrifts 2xLP for a paltry $8.99 ppd in the US.

Long story short: the center labels were originally run with CYAN ink when they should have been PMS 877 silver. There was also confusion at the plant as to which center label went on which side (A became C, B became D, and vice versa). So we were told to keep all the messed up copies and that new ones would be run. They were and, while the center label color was corrected, the placement was still off.

So now we’ve got tons of these damn records clogging up space over here… definitely more than immediate demand warrants. Our hope is that at $8.99, even the moderately curious will be motivated to check out this gorgeous record (both musically and aesthetically).

Please prove us right and snag your copy in the webstore today. Thanks.

Published by admin on 24 Dec 2010

Magic Bullet 2010 Year-End Podcast Available for Free Download!

As 2010 nears its end, reflection mode has kicked in and I’m realizing what an unbelievable year it’s truly been. If anyone were to tell you that CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE, INTEGRITY, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, and CHARLES MANSON would not only have records on the same label, but all in the same year, it’s not very likely that you could envision any scenario where that were possible. And yet that somehow happened. CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE‘s S/T (aka The Stereo Record) was unearthed and remastered, INTEGRITY gave us two of the greatest songs the band has ever written, THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS brought their latest studio record over here (our first certified gold record!), and we somehow locked down four previously unheard CHARLES MANSON records for release.

This was all on top of a band new THIS WILL DESTROY YOU pic disc, a YEARS double album, MADE OUT OF BABIESThe Ruiner finally seeing LP treatment, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP‘s debut full length Moondrifts, MEDITATIVE SECT‘s Laceration Points LP, a letterpress/reissue edition of FORENSICSThings to Do… LP, FORENSICS You Don’t Have to Win, But You Have to Fight, and represses galore.

Basically, a lot of shit went down and I fully understand if it was tough to keep up with everything. As a means to show appreciation and perhaps even make sure that nothing slipped through the cracks in your search for new music, I stayed in (this is not a new phenomenon) and put together a podcast (this is a new phenomenon) featuring about 80 minutes of jams and commentary. You can pull it down from:


It was fun making this and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Happy Holidays,

Published by admin on 29 Oct 2010

Detail: Ghastly City Sleep “Moondrifts” 2xLP : first pressing

This one is such a doozy… Took almost a year from recording to the point where it went into production on the plant end. It wasn’t for procrastination or laziness though. It was simply THAT intense of a process. Every song was so carefully layered and crafted. Every image featured in the layout was hand-rendered over many months across various media. I’ve seen the original paintings that band member Brandon Evans did specifically for this release and can honestly say that I’ve never worked on any other release that involved so many man hours and meticulous attention to detail (save for perhaps some of the illustrations Horkey has done over the years).

In true GHASTLY CITY SLEEP fashion, the first pressing of this release is more than a little bizarre.  You’ll notice that there is a “test press” version up top. There’s 50 sets like this. They were originally run for a brief tour the band did along Mid-Atlantic this past summer. Naturally, in GCS tradition, they didn’t get here in time for that. So they ended up being used for the full US tour kickoff show in Brooklyn last month and mailorder customers.  I’ve got 3 sets left in the webstore if you’re interested.  Act quick though…

Then there’s the gray/purple and purple/purple copies. Where to start… Well, basically, the label printer ran the text plate as straight CYAN instead of PMS 877 metallic silver. Then, to add insult to injury, the pressing plant applied side A labels to side C and side B labels to side D. And vice versa… Let’s not even mention that the labels say 45 RPM, yet the lacquer place cut everything at 33 RPM.  Impressive…

Anyway, the plant ended up taking responsibility for the label mixup, so there’s another pressing coming in to replace these.  In other words, if you’re all about first pressings, rarities, variants, or whatever (you dork), now is the time to snatch these up.  They’ll be getting phased out in favor of correct copies very shortly and we’ll likely trash the balance of “error” copies left over.

Aside from the center label issue, everything else is absolutely perfect.  The jams are as they should be and the cover itself is a work of art in and of itself.  Matte flood base hit with spot UV gloss (giving the whole piece a tactile texture) and metallic bronze inks.  It’s quite an accomplishment…  Pick up copies in the webstore.

Published by admin on 28 Oct 2010

Extensive interview with Ryan Parrish (Years, Suppression, Ghastly City Sleep, etc.)

Graham Scala (of FORENSICS, REAL TALK, VENTOUX, MEDITATIVE SECT, et al) sat down with Ryan Parrish (YEARS, SUPPRESSION, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP, et al) for a rather comprehensive overview and discussion on all of the musical projects he’s currently involved with.

In 2010 alone, Magic Bullet has issued no less than three full lengths (one being a double disc) involving Ryan’s projects. Needless to say, his passion for music and his commitment toward performing relentlessly around the world before people is unquestionable.

The interview is featured in RVA Magazine and can be read in its entirety here.  Enjoy.

Published by admin on 22 Sep 2010


Below is the itinerary for GHASTLY CITY SLEEP’s Fall 2010 U.S. tour.

The dates with asterisks are spots that the band still needs help with.  The cities listed in these instances are pure idealism and totally negotiable.  If you can help with those spots, please email the band directly.

Moondrifts, the new 2xLP will be available just as soon as United Record Pressing begins realizing that they need to take care of accounts other than Jack White’s.

Sep 27 2010 / Death By Audio / Brooklyn, New York w/The Blind, The Stationary Set, and Heliotropes
Sep 29 2010 / Kopec’s / Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 30 2010 / Hybrid Moments / Ferndale, MI
Oct 1 2010 / Trumbullplex / Detroit, MI
Oct 2 2010 / Treasure Town / Chicago, IL
*Oct 3 2010 / Milwaukee, WI
*Oct 4 2010 / Iowa
*Oct 5 2010 / Lincoln, NE
Oct 7 2010 / 3 Kings Tavern / Denver, Colorado
*Oct 8 2010 / Salt Lake City, UT
*Oct 9 2010 / Boise, ID
*Oct 10 2010 / Spokane, WA
*Oct 11 2010 / Olympia, WA
Oct 12 2010 / The Jewelbox Theater (inside the Rendezvous) / Seattle, WA
Oct 13 2010 / Portland, OR
*Oct 14 2010 / Arcata, CA
Oct 15 2010 / Santa Rosa w/ LITANY FOR THE WHALE + more / Santa Rosa, California
*Oct 16 2010 / San Francisco, CA
Oct 17 2010 / Gilman Street Project / Berkeley, CA
Oct 18 2010 / San Luis Obisco, CA
Oct 19 2010 / ECHO CURIO / LA, California
Oct 20 2010 / 3 CLUBS / HOLLYWOOD, California
*Oct 21 2010 / San Diego, CA
Oct 22 2010 / Phoenix, AZ
*Oct 23 2010 / Albequerque, NW
Oct 24 2010 / Soundpony / Tulsa, OK
Oct 25 2010 / Mohawk / Austin, Texas
Oct 26 2010 / SPANISH MOON / Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Oct 27 2010 / New Orleans, LA
Oct 28 2010 / Crowbar / YBOR CITY -TAMPA, Florida
Oct 29 2010 / WILL’S PUB / Orlando, FL
Oct 31 2010 / The Atlantic / Gainesville, Florida
*Nov 1 2010 / Athens, GA
Nov 2 2010 / Nightlight Club / Chapel Hill, NC
Nov 3 2010 / 37th and Zen / Norfolk, VA
Nov 4 2010 / Gallery 5 / Richmond, VA

Published by admin on 29 May 2010

GHASTLY CITY SLEEP to perform free in-store July 28 at Magic Bullet store

Magic Bullet’s newest addition, Brooklyn’s GHASTLY CITY SLEEP, will be celebrating the release of their full-length MBR debut, Moondrifts, via a rare in-store performance on July 28, 2010 at the store here in Fredericksburg.

The event will be free to the public, all ages, and will kick off promptly at 5:00 PM sharp.  Additionally, new skate video footage will be shown for the first time anywhere.

GHASTLY CITY SLEEP features members of label alumni such as PG.99, YEARS, SUPPRESSION, YEARS, and MAJORITY RULE, along with friends DARKEST HOUR, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, GREGOR SAMSA, and so many more. The members have been around collectively and individually for well over a decade and will truly deliver something special on this fateful afternoon.

Magic Bullet Records & Skateboards is located at 604 Caroline St. in Fredericksburg, VA.  See you there.