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Published by admin on 23 Sep 2015

INTEGRITY: Den Of Iniquity Reissue And Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster To See CD And Digital Release Via Magic Bullet Records In October

Integrity-Humanity-Warped [photo by Tina Brugnoletti][photo by Tina Brugnoletti]

The decadent, wayward psalms of Cleveland’s legendary, end-time metallic hardcore entity, INTEGRITY, continue to be reissued onto the masses, as Magic Bullet Records confirms the impending release of two more titles in October, including an official reissue of the Den Of Iniquity rare/early works collection, as well as a remixed and remastered 20th Anniversary edition of the iconic Humanity Is The Devil album.

INTEGRITY’s groundbreaking Humanity Is The Devil, has long been regarded as the album that completely turned both hardcore and metal on its head. Originally released in 1995, the recording initially sent a mammoth shockwave through the underground, as the band had crafted a proprietary sound wherein metal and hardcore had simply not been fused before. Phrases like “metallic hardcore” and “metalcore” came into prominence within the popular lexicon only after everyone heard what INTEGRITY was doing on this album in particular. Further, singer Dwid Hellion’s foray into much darker, psychological depths lyrically served to raise the bar and open the floodgates for countless others to break away from the trappings of traditional hardcore and metal fodder. To describe Humanity Is The Devil as seminal both in the band’s career and the metallic hardcore genre on the whole would only serve to yield a “yeah, no shit” out of anyone who lived through it at the time.

To celebrate the enduring impact and power of the album, a special remixed and remastered 20th anniversary version of Humanity Is The Devil has been created. Painstakingly mixed by Joel Grind, under guidance from INTEGRITY guitarist Aaron Melnick and vocalist Dwid Hellion, and mastered by Brad Boatwright — both at Audiosiege — the 2015 treatment of this epic recording do the album even more sonic justice and fidelity than was remotely possible in 1995. The result is an even wilder and somehow more visceral experience from start to finish, an album that still stands head and shoulders above anything else. The Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster features an updated treatment of Pushead’s iconic album cover, a new painting from visual artist Josh Bayer, complete lyrics from Hellion, an updated narration from Hellion himself on the album’s final track, and much more.

Den Of Iniquity is a massive, twenty-three song collection of rare tracks spanning “The Melnick Era” (1988-1998) of INTEGRITY. All material is culled from various demos, split 7”s, 7” singles, compilation appearances, and EPs. In short, this is all the hard-to-find non-album stuff of that era, fully remastered with modern vibrancy. Clocking in at a whopping sixty-six minutes, the material represented in this historical documentation includes the Grace Of The Unholy single, Harder They Fall demo, Taste Of Every Sin CD, the split 7” releases with Hatebreed, Mayday, Pale Creation, Kids Of Witney High, Psywarfare and Lockweld, tracks from the Dark Empire Strikes Back and No Exit compilations and live bonus tracks. The physical version of the Den Of Iniquity reissue includes extensive liner notes from guitarist Aaron “A2” Melnick on the recording sessions for each track and exclusive artwork from singer Dwid Hellion.

The Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster and the Den Of Iniquity reissue will see CD and digital release through Magic Bullet Records on October 30th, 2015. Digital preorders for Den Of Iniquity are available HERE and for the Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster HERE. Physical preorders will be posted in the coming days. The recently reissued infamous Palm Sunday live album and more from INTEGRITY are also already available through Magic Bullet.


Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster Track Listing:
1. Vocal Test
2. Hollow
3. Psychological Warfare
4. Trapped Under Silence
5. Abraxas Annihilation
6. Jagged Visions of My True Destiny
7. Narration (Dwid Hellion Version)


Den Of Iniquity Track Listing:
1. March Of The Damned (Grace Of The Unholy)
2. Darkness (Grace Of The Unholy)
3. Live It Down (Harder They Fall demo)
4. Bringing It Back (Harder They Fall demo)
5. Dead Wrong (Harder They Fall demo)
6. Jimson Isolation (Dark Empire Strikes Back comp)
7. Dawn Of The New Apocalypse (7” w/ Pale Creation)
8. ATF Assault (7” w/ KOWH)
9. All Is Lost (Taste Of Every Sin CD)
10. Sarin (7” w/ Psywarfare)
11. Divinity In Exile (7” w/ Lockweld)
12. Evacuate (Dark Empire Strikes Back comp)
13. Learn How To Die (7” w/ Psywarfare)
14. Fear: The True Name Of Beauty (7” w/ Lockweld)
15. Die Hard (Live) (No Exit Comp)
16. Hollow (Live) (No Exit Comp)
17. Jagged Visions 96 (7” w/ KOWH)
18. Eighteen (Live from Studio A) (Den Of Iniquity bonus track)
19. B.A.T.F. Would Be Proud (7” w/ Hatebreed)
20. Kingdom Of Heaven (7” w/ Mayday)
21. Rebirth (7” w/ Mayday)
22. Eighteen (Den Of Iniquity original CD)
23. Silence Ever After (final Taste Of Every Sin CD)

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INTEGRITY “Humanity is the Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster” CD | Digital: out October 30, 2015


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INTEGRITY “Den of Iniquity” CD | Digital out October 30, 2015


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INTEGRITY “Palm Sunday” CD | DVD | Digital out now


Published by admin on 21 Aug 2015

INTEGRITY Reissues Palm Sunday Live Album This Week

This Friday, one of them most villainous live sets ever caught on film makes its resurgence into the public domain, as Magic Bullet Records reissues the classic Palm Sunday from iconic metallic hardcore legion, INTEGRITY.

Palm Sunday is a CD and DVD set which documents a 1992 performance by Cleveland hardcore legends INTEGRITY, captured in their hometown at infamous local venue, Peabody’s. Coming a year off the release of their 1991-released debut album, Those Who Fear Tomorrow, the band performs eight songs from the LP, plus B-side rarities “Rebirth” and “Live it Down.” This particular recording and accompanying video holds a special place in the hearts of the INTEGRITY faithful, as it features the revered lineup of Dwid Hellion on vocals, guitarists Aaron Melnick and Chris Smith, bassist Leon Melnick, and drummer Dave Araca. Viewers can expect pure chaos, as Hellion goads and taunts audience members between songs, a switchblade surfaces from the audience, gunshots are fired, and a general mania overcomes all in attendance that night now so many years ago.

The 2015 reissue of this fan favorite comes packaged in a jumbo double digipak with liners from Aaron “A2″ Melnick, photography from the show, and art from Dwid Hellion. The DVD portion is exclusive to the physical format and not available via iTunes, Bandcamp, or traditional digital distributors. Having just seen its official digital reissue last week, the new CD/DVD edition is out this Friday, August 21st.

Stream the 2015 issue of INTEGRITY’s notorious Palm Sunday now at THIS LOCATION.

Orders for the Palm Sunday CD/DVD package can be placed HERE and the download via Bandcamp HERE and through all major digital platforms.

Additional digital/CD reissues of INTEGRITY‘s seminal back-catalog are being arranged for release through Magic Bullet Records in the coming months, including the Den Of Iniquity collection of early material and B-sides, as well as the band’s 1991 debut album, Those Who Fear Tomorrow, and 1995′s landmark Humanity Is The Devil.

Palm Sunday Track Listing:
1. Those Who Fear Tomorrow
2. Judgment Day
3. Harder They Fall
4. Wings Tear
5. Dawn Of A New Apocalypse
6. In Contrast Of Sin
7. Rebirth
8. Die Hard
9. Lundgren Crucifixion
10. Live It Down

For coverage of INTEGRITY contact

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THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA: Magic Bullet Records To Issue Deathkamp Ov The Skull + Funeral Embrace CD In August

Later in August, Magic Bullet Records will issue the Deathkamp Ov The Skull + Funeral Embrace from West Coast hardcore nihilists, THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA, collecting both of the outfit’s two latest 7″ titles onto convenient CD and digital formats.

The first three tracks on the disc comprise Deathkamp Ov The Skull, with the title track itself annihilating all prior expectations of the band. The song alone is nearly eight minutes in length and finds the band exploring more of a slow, brooding heaviness before exploding into their familiar brand of evil thrash and unrelenting blasts of murderous musical napalm just past the five-minute mark. “First Blood Part II” keeps the pedal to the metal, not letting up once. From there, “TormentORR” answers the question, “What happens when THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA and Integrity collaborate on a track?,” as Integrity’s singer Dwid Hellion and guitarist Rob Orr leave indelible marks with their contributions.

The Funeral Embrace portion is five songs of what THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA is more traditionally known for: absolute violent mayhem, typically in doses of less than two minutes or less. “Amphetamine Psychosis” sounds exactly as fucked up and demented as it reads. “Serve The Cult” isn’t so much a call to action as it is a demand punishable by humanity’s annihilation. “Savage II” is pure nihilism put to tape; if you play this in front of small children, you are a bad person. “Into the Grave” and “Funeral Embrace” serve almost as a one-two punch about getting real about death and the fate of all men, women, and living things on the planet. It only ends one way, but Hell be damned if the members of THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA aren’t going out with their hands around more than a few throats on the way out.

Deathkamp Ov The Skull + Funeral Embrace will see digital release on August 14th, and the CD on August 21st through Magic Bullet Records. Preorders for the CD are available now at THIS LOCATION, and the digital available via Bandcamp HERE and iTunes HERE.

This Fall, THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA will embark on a two-week tour with Theories, with Landmine Marathon joining on several dates. Stand by for exact details to be announced in the coming days.

Deathkamp Ov The Skull + Funeral Embrace Track Listing:

1. Deathkamp Ov The Skull
2. First Blood Part II
3. Tormentorr
4. Amphetamine Psychosis
5. Serve The Cult
6. Savage II
7. Into The Grave
8. Funeral Embrace

For coverage of GEHENNA including review copies of Deathkamp Ov The Skull + Funeral Embrace and interviews with the band contact

Published by admin on 22 Jul 2015

Magic Bullet Records Issues FREE Sampler With Exclusive BLEACH EVERYTHING Track; New Titles By SWEET COBRA, MEATWOUND, HARMONIC CROSS, BLEACH EVERYTHING Near + NY IN 64 And BROTHER DEGE Vinyl Out Now


Magic Bullet Records is currently undertaking one of the label’s busiest sessions since its late ’90s inception, with a pile of brand new titles on the verge of release this month. Following recent exclusive premieres of new tracks from SWEET COBRAMEATWOUND and HARMONIC CROSS, the label today issues a mighty free download sampler with thirteen tracks packed into it, including the first single from the upcoming BLEACH EVERYTHING Free Inside 7″.

On the heels of a debut split 7″ with Los Angeles-based VORS released earlier in the year, Free Insideis the first proper 7″ EP from Richmond, Virginia’s BLEACH EVERYTHING. The band’s membership pedigree is highlighted by a present and past that includes Iron Reagan, Mammoth Grinder, Jesuit, Suppression, and Corn On Macabre amongst countless others. As one could surmise, BLEACH EVERYTHING specializes in all things short, fast, loud, violent, and often absurd. Rooted deeply in the DIY punk ethos that gave each member a roadmap toward individual and collective musical longevity deep into adult life, all skills of the trade are on display here. Musically, the band charges further forward on the hellbent path established on the VORS split; absolutely relentless in its urgency, unrepentant in its sonic heft, and rife with entropic freneticism. Thematically, the band calls for self-empowerment (title track), self-reliance (“Sons Of Hecate”), and space terror (“Facehugger”)… all within the span of five minutes. The EP will see digital release on August 7th and a vinyl release on both clear and black wax two weeks later.

Download the Magic Bullet Records digital sampler Vol. 2 to hear BLEACH EVERYTHING’s “Sons Of Hecate” — as well as tracks from SWEET COBRA, NY IN 64, MEATWOUND, WORMWOOD, ANCIENT VVISDOM, HARMONIC CROSS, BROTHER DEGE, IDES OF GEMINI, WAILIN’ STORMS, BROTHER DEGE, ZEX and INTEGRITY — free at THIS LOCATION.

Magic Bullet Records Digital Sampler VOL. 2 Track Listing:
1. SWEET COBRA - Future Ghosts
2. NY IN 64 - Bystander
3. MEATWOUND - Funeral State
5. WORMWOOD - I’d Rather Die
6. ANCIENT VVISDOM - We Are Damnation
8. BROTHER DEGE - House Of The Dying Sun
9. IDES OF GEMINI - Strange Fruit
10. WAILIN’ STORMS - Down In South Texas
11. BROTHER DEGE - The River
12. ZEX - Wanderlust
13. INTEGRITY - Dawn Of A New Apocalypse (Live)

This past Friday, Magic Bullet issued the vinyl version of several albums, including the LP edition of NY IN 64‘s debut, NY64 – the band formed by members of You And I and East Of The Wall delivering a mesmerizing style of instrumental, melodic hardcore. Surrounding the album’s CD and digital release in April NY IN 64 has played live throughout the Northeast in support of their first album, deploying the record’s energetic attack with even more intensity. NY64 is now available on clear 12″ vinyl this week, as the band plots new tour dates and is in the final stages of creating an official video for the album.

Also out now are the vinyl editions of Folk Songs Of The American Longhair and How To Kill A HorseLPs from Lafayette, Louisiana’s BROTHER DEGE – the albums originally issued on CD and digital formats in 2010 and 2014, respectively. The band’s captivating, exemplary exhibition of passionate, absolutely haunting Mekong-Delta-blues-by-way-of-Louisiana hymns and melodies unlike anything out there have grabbed the attention everyone from Quentin Tarantino, who featured “Too Old To Die Young” in his 2012 film and soundtrack “Django Unchained,” to The Discovery Network’s “Deadliest Catch” franchise, who featured “Hard Row to Hoe” as 2010′s theme music to “After the Catch” with Mike Rowe. Both Folk Songs Of The American Longhair and How To Kill A Horse are now available on both colored and black vinyl editions through Magic Bullet.

And in less than two weeks, brand new releases from Chicago’s melodic/angular punk/hardcore manipulators SWEET COBRA, Florida’s swamp-ridden pentatonic hardcore deviants MEATWOUNDand Richmond-based ultra-creepy ambient collective HARMONIC CROSS will all see release, slated to street on July 24th. New videos and tracks from all three of these acts will see release prior to their official release — stand by for all of them to hit within the next week.

Scope out the wares at Magic Bullet’s newly launched webstore for preorders for physical versions of the latest titles and recently released vinyl titles and more at THIS LOCATION.

Published by admin on 27 Nov 2013

INTEGRITY “Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix)” full album stream and interview up at Invisible Oranges/Brooklyn Vegan

mbl161The great folks over at Invisible Oranges and Brooklyn Vegan have been so kind as to host a full-album stream of INTEGRITY‘s Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix) and interview band members Dwid Hellion and Aaron Melnick.

Click here to start moshing.

Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix) is in stores everywhere on Friday.

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An absurd amount of INTEGRITY news and updates

It’s been a gigantic day for news surrounding the INTEGRITY camp. Let’s get right to it…

FIRST: INTEGRITY‘s legendary 1993 lineup (Dwid Hellion, Aaron Melnick, Leon Melnick, Chris Smith, and Mark Konopka) will be reuniting for a special headlining appearance at A389 Recordings’ X Bash, going down this January 17-19 in Baltimore, Maryland. This will be the first time this lineup has appeared on stage together in 20 years. Keep it tuned to A389 for ticket availability.

SECOND: Magic Bullet Records is excited to announce that we will be issuing the official CD and digital versions of Systems Overload (A2/Orr Mix) on Black Friday, November 29, 2013. Our friends at Organized Crime Records will continue to handle the LP version.

THIRD: NEW EXCLUSIVE COLOR of Suicide Black Snake LP is now available in the webstore. It’s called “Thee Red Fury” and you can grab a copy here.

FOURTH: Check out this awesome interview Dwid recently gave to MTV Hive.

FIFTH: INTEGRITY is wrapping up their final week of EU summer dates. Be sure to catch them in Germany, Norway, and Sweden if you can. Dates are posted here.

SIXTH: INTEGRITY-project PSYWARFARE will be issuing a split LP with ROT IN HELL on Magic Bullet Records, also on November 29, 2013.

SEVENTH: In anticipation of the craziness that will be the A389 X Bash, we encourage you to stream/view the Palm Sunday DVD online for free here.

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INTEGRITY: European Leg Of Suicide Black Snake Tour Initiates This Week; Album Available For Free Download

This week, the almighty INTEGRITY embarks on the second phase of their massive world tour in support of the sect’s tenth LP, Suicide Black Snake, released in June via A389 Recordings/Magic Bullet Records.

Following the North American tour in late May building up to the album’s release,INTEGRITY dominated Maryland Deathfest, stormed Chaos In Tejas and tore down a row of other cities across the continent, including the band’s first-ever Canadian shows. Continuing the band’s most intense tour schedule in years, this week the outfit gets ready to take their Suicide Black Snake endtime sermon to twenty-four European cities including performances at Vlamrock, Resurrection, Voice Of Art, Days Of Fury and Bunker Summer festivals. See the fully updated tour itinerary below.

An album that takes INTEGRITY’s roster to new levels of audio experimentation, Suicide Black Snake has surprised and intrigued both longtime fans and newly harvested souls, the ten-song LP integrating elements of Japanese hardcore, noise and even blues into some of the most extravagant divebomb-solos and crushing breakdowns in the band’s ongoing twenty-five year reign of iniquity.

For one week — from now through next Wednesday, July 31st — fans can download the entire Suicide Black Snake LP for FREE… GET IT HERE.

INTEGRITY Suicide Black Snake European Tour:
7/26/2013 JZ St. Peter – Duisburg, Germany
7/27/2013 Vlamrock Festival – AS, Belgium
7/28/2013 Le Pub – Port, UK
7/29/2013 Wharf Chambers – Leeds, UK
7/30/2013 Fiber – Dublin, Ireland
7/31/2013 Trillians – Newcastle, UK
8/01/2013 Underworld – London, UK
8/02/2013 Resurrection Festival – Viveiro, Spain
8/03/2013 New Noise – Karlsruhe, Germany
8/04/2013 Le Ferrailleur – Nantes, France
8/05/2013 Le Saint Des Seins – Toulouse, France
8/06/2013 TBA – Bordeaux, France
8/07/2013 Le Korigan – Luynes/Aix en Provence, France
8/08/2013 Magnolia Club – Milano, Italy
8/09/2013 Freakout Club – Bologna, Italy w/ Hierophant
8/10/2013 Mostovna – Nova Goricia, Slovenia
8/16/2013 Voice Of Art Festival – Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Germany
8/17/2013 Days Of Fury Fest – Fredericia, Denmark
8/18/2013 Innocent – Hengelo, Netherlands w/ Cornered
8/19/2013 Bei Chez Heinz – Hannover, Germany
8/20/2013 Cassiopeia – Berlin, Germany
8/21/2013 Headcrash – Hamburg, Germany
8/22/2013 Bunker Festival – Oslo, Norway
8/23/2013 L’ Orient – Linkoping, Sweden


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Now available: INTEGRITY “Suicide Black Snake” LP (Magic Bullet exclusive colors)

Now in the webstore: INTEGRITY Suicide Black Snake LP on Magic Bullet exclusive colors (in cooperation with A389 Recordings)!

The 10th studio album from the legendary INTEGRITY is an absolute monster in every sense and we’re  extremely happy to be offering it to you on super limited and exclusive colors to Magic Bullet’s mailorder customers. You can not find these in stores anywhere!

You can order now on:
• Black|Clear|White Vinyl
• Milky Clear Vinyl

Deluxe gatefold LP cover with spot UV treatments and an enormous 24″ x 36″ fold-out poster… truly a must-see/must-own.

Copies of the LP are available now in the webstore.

Canada|Mexico|World: please order from Dischord.

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Now available: INTEGRITY “Suicide Black Snake” skate decks

Now available in the Magic Bullet Records merch store (powered by Shirts & Destroy): INTEGRITY Suicide Black Snake skateboard deck.

Issued to celebrate the release of INTEGRITY‘s 10th studio album, these decks are run on seven-ply Canadian hard rock maple, feature artwork by Dwid Hellion, and available in 4 sizes:

• 8″ • 8.1″ • 8.2″ • 8.5″

To order a deck for your wall or for your feet, please visit the Magic Bullet merch store at Shirts & Destroy.

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