Now in the webstore : CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE First LP.

First issued twenty years ago, this is the debut LP from the short-lived and highly influential Denver band. We kept the mix the same, but remastered the entire thing so that it’s no longer victim to the compression issues of that era of recorded music.

Track List:
01. Turn
02. Dyed on 8
03. Long Out
04. Lot
05. Pipe
06. Dirt

For the vinyl, we went with three different variations for the first pressing:


The cover layout remains the same (we didn’t even adjust the leading issues with the type) to stay consistent with the original feel of the LP.

The CD version of this album comes in a sharp-looking digipak that is intended to perfectly complement the S/T/”Stereo” CD/DVD we reissued prior.

Copies of the LP and CD are now available in the webstore.

Digital version is available now on iTunes.