Now in the webstore : CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE S/T LP.

It’s been some months since we initially reissued this classic, but I’m still sitting here, completely blown away that this one ended up at the label. It was truly the soundtrack to the early years of assembling records and getting Magic Bullet up and running… and it stayed with me through repeated spins over the many years to follow. It’s truly an honor to have this one in the stable.

I believe this is the second pressing of the Magic Bullet edition. This time around we ended up with a few cool colors:

• RED | GREY split

Seems to be an eclectic ensemble, so I trust that at least one of these is going to strike your fancy.

Let’s see… this time around, the covers have a standard finish (first press had a UV gloss finish). There is no bonus DVD in this edition, keeping the early pressing special. The same insert from the first pressing remains unchanged and every single copy comes with an Mp3 download of the entire album at no charge.

Per usual,  we don’t release pressing numbers on our stuff, so please simply choose whichever color(s) you personally dig and please be sure to actually listen to your purchase.

We’ve got another CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE reissue coming in 2013, so stay tuned. Additionally, Eric Richter now fronts a new band called HIGHNESS, which you’ll be hearing a ton about shortly…

Available now in the webstore. Thanks for the support.