As frequent supporters of the label and visitors to this site are well aware, Magic Bullet has had the unique experience of issuing recorded works by CHARLES MANSON in recent times. Just as one might expect, the journey has been absolutely fascinating and entirely compelling from ‘go.’ In the months/years that have passed throughout this process, I’ve grown to have a much more informed perspective on the man, his music, and his daily punishment (stemming from the landmark court ruling that surely everyone reading this is already well-versed upon). In fact, I can honestly say that the constant correspondence and communication between myself, Charles, and several mutual friends has genuinely been a wholly positive experience, very much unlike what media-driven preconceptions would lead the average citizen to imagine.

In short, I’ve quite enjoyed my time getting to know CHARLES MANSON as a person far away from the preconceptions… far away from the agenda. And judging by the overwhelming response we’ve received over the Air and Trees albums, it’s very clear to me that a.) many of you out there truly appreciate the music and art created by Charles, and b.) many of you are empathetic to his daily reality as a human being sentenced to spend his remaining days on earth in prison.

Because of these factors, I feel a responsibility to share some information concerning recent developments in Charles’ imprisonment publicly, in hopes that those who feel passionate enough will take action. The gist of the current issue we’re facing is that Charles has been sentenced to 15 months in solitary confinement surrounding his possession of a eyeglass frame wire that he had been using in the creation of his various hand-made crafts. To be clear, legally, he’s not supposed to have possession of such an item. But the issue prompting this post is quite simply the severity of the punishment for the rather common occurrence in prisons of inmates possessing such contraband.

Some friends very close to this situation have put together their own synopsis and subsequent call to action via, which can be viewed here. If you’re empathetic to the situation and/or would like more information about it, I’d strongly urge you to read up on it and determine your response accordingly.

Thank you for reading.
- Brent 02.14.12