First off, thanks to everyone who ordered a gold/birthday copy of the “Air” LP. That was the fastest we’ve seen something sell out since the first press of the newest INTEGRITY 7″. A repress of “Air,” on red vinyl, is on the way shortly. Look for it soon in the webstore. We’ve also secured more copies of the Family Jams picture disc from Germany… I know that will make several of you happy, as we blew through the last batch extremely quickly. Again, keep checking back in the webstore in the coming days.

In other news, there is is a new book that is out today called “Charles Manson Now,” written by a gentleman named Marlin Marynick. It’s far from the traditional/sensationalist Manson book fare that’s been foisted upon the public for however many years now. Marynick did his legwork for this one and we’re all looking forward to reading it and discussing it with others in the coming days. Amazon has been so kind as to offer a bundle featuring this new book along with a copy of “Air” on CD. You can purchase both here.

Outside of that, I genuinely appreciate the positivity that’s been pouring in surrounding the “Air” release. When I made the decision to bring the ATWA project over to Magic Bullet, it was entirely out of my own curiosity and desire to learn and experience what it would be like to work with such a polarizing public figure and get some answers for myself. I did not know what to anticipate… only that I was very comfortable steering my longer, overall journey into these uncharted waters if it meant seeing some actual reality and truth concerning Charlie with my own eyes and ears. And while we’re only 25% along in the series, I’m simply blown away by the public response and private conversations this has all generated and made possible.

So quite simply, thank you. This trip has been something else so far, I’ve made some really great, intelligent friends, and I’m completely energized to share much more of Charlie’s musical side with all of you in the coming months ahead. We are currently working on the “Trees” installment, which should be fantastic when all is said and done.