mbl011Alternate mix of the song “Jupiter” by Brian McTernan + three alternate piano takes of songs from the album Jupiter, all performed and recorded by Stephen Brodsky inside of an old elementary school that he was being paid to paint as a summer job.

This was voiume three in Magic Bullet Records’ “Fan CD Series.” 3300 physical units were produced and are now out of print.

“Jupiter” recorded and remixed by Brian McTernan

“Big Riff,” “Innuendo and Out the Other,” and “New Moon” recorded by Stephen Brodsky

All songs mastered by Colin Decker at M-Works

Track list:

1.) Jupiter (Remix)
2.) Big Riff (Piano Version)
3.) Innuendo and Out the Other (Piano Version)
4.) New Moon (Piano Version)

CD issued December 18, 2000

CD pressing info:
• First pressing = 3300 discs
• Magic Bullet Fan CD Series Vol. 3

All physical copies are sold out and out of print, but this recording is still available digitally on all DSP’s.