Complete live radio sets from Virginia’s PAGENINETYNINE and WAIFLE performing at KSCL in Shreveport, Louisiana while on tour together in the spring of 2001. WAIFLE‘s set includes two songs never recorded for anything else. PAGENINETYNINE‘s set includes very early and rudimentary forms of songs that ended up appearing on the now-classic “Document 8″ album.

Recorded live on 93.1 KSCL in Shreveport, Louisiana, the original date of this broadcast was March 8, 2001. KSLC crew for that day was Chris Brown, Keturah Cummings, Josh Sisk, and Evan Kilgore.

PAGENINETYNINE on this recording was: Mike Taylor, Chris Taylor, Blake Midgette, Johnny Ward, Mike Casto, Brandon Evans, and Kevin Longendyke.

WAIFLE on this recording was: Brent Eyestone, Mark Eyestone, Eric Twiddy, and Mike Presta.

Post-production and mastering by Ben Mellott and Brent Eyestone

Artwork by Brandon Evans and Brent Eyestone

CD issued July 9, 2001
LP issued July 9, 2001

CD pressing info:
• First pressing (2001) = stickered paper sleeves (translucent, canary, and black)
• Second pressing = stickered crystal clear mylar sleeves
• Third-Fourth pressing = stickered tinted slimline cases
•  Fifth pressing = new woodcut art foldover inside clear mylar sleeve (issued June 23, 2005)

LP pressing info:
• First pressing (2001) = 1100 marble vinyl, clear mylar sleeve, 2 inserts
• Second pressing (2004 charity edition) = 31 copies (original tour photo matted into white jacket, signed/numbered)
• Third pressing (2005) = 150 test presses (hand-numbered), 350 blue vinyl