mbl024Document 7 is a unique piece in the PAGENINETYNINE catalog. Five songs in length, it plays out over the course of 25:26 with two tracks right around a minute apiece (1:18 and 1:08), one clocking in at 4:05, and the other two being much longer at 7:50 and 10:59 apiece. In spite of the varying song lengths, the tone is rather consistent in its overall brooding darkness.

Recorded by Mike Bossier at Oblivion Studios in the spring of 2000, Document 7 was originally released on the now-defunct Happy Couples Never Last label on CD format. Magic Bullet Records initially issued the album on LP format in July of 2002.

Now, in anticipation of the 2017 “Dixie on the Road” reunion tour with MAJORITY RULE, the album is coming back on LP format as a co-release via Magic Bullet Records and Yr Screaming Youth, a DIY punk rock label operated by PAGENINETYNINE guitarist Mike Taylor. The album will see its digital and streaming release for the first time ever via Magic Bullet Records on August 11, 2017. Additionally, Yr Screaming Youth will be issuing an official cassette version in conjunction with the reunion tour.

Track List:

01. Living in the Skeleton of a Happy Memory
02. Del Mundo Lleno de Rocio
03. The Mangled Hand
04. Love Goes Tisk… Tisk… Tisk…
05. A Sonnet to Both Ugly and Murderous

Personnel on this recording:

- Blake Midgette: vocals
- Chris Taylor: vocals
- Mike Taylor: guitar
- George Crum: guitar
- Mike Casto: guitar
- Cory Stevenson: bass
- Johnny Ward: drums

LP originally issued in July 23, 2002.

LP reissued as a co-release with Yr Screaming Youth in fall of 2017.

Digital issued August 11, 2017

LP pressing info:
- First pressing: 540 Black vinyl (standard gloss jacket)
- Second pressing: 550 Pink and Purple Marble vinyl (UV gloss jacket)
- Third pressing: 200 Black vinyl (hand-screened, hand-numbered foldover jackets)
- Fourth pressing: 100 Blue vinyl, 500 Black vinyl (matte finish jackets)
- Fifth pressing: TBA