wailin storms-bone colored moon ep_5x5Bone Colored Moon is the first EP recorded by North Carolina’s WAILIN STORMS. It was self-released in 2012 and showcases some of the early rudiments in Justin Storms’ songwriting that would eventually spark the distinctive haunts and howls of the band’s second EP (Shiver) and their debut full length album (One Foot in the Flesh Grave).

With the signing of WAILIN STORMS to Magic Bullet Records for the release of One Foot in the Flesh Grave, the label is also proud to offer the band’s back catalog in digital format.

Justin Storms: Guitar/Vocals
David Daniels: Drums

Recorded by Scott Rosenthal and John Garcia

Track List:
01. Bone Colored Moon
02. Asleep in the Belly of a Tree
03. Please
04. I Sold My Soul

Digital issued May 15, 2015
Originally self-released by the band on July 2, 2012