mbl028October 2011: After nearly 5 years of slipping out of print, the iconic split LP between Northern Virginia/Washington DC’s PG.99 and MAJORITY RULE finally returns to stores. Amidst over 600 combined shows (over 100 together), this complex and explosive recording was done under the simple premise of friends in great bands working together to create something that all listeners can call their own.

PG.99 winds through this release with dark, poetic experimentations unlike anything they put to tape before or after.

MAJORITY RULE delivers on the flip side as beacons of conviction and urgency via an ultra-heavy delivery that holds to this day.

The 2011 version finds color vinyl for all stores and a complementary MP3 download for every customer.

CD issued July 23, 2002
LP issued October 29, 2002

LP pressing info:
• First pressing = 550 clear vinyl
• Second pressing = 540 marble vinyl
• Third pressing = 550 black vinyl
• Fourth pressing = 200 gold vinyl, 42 gold with tiny black flecks
• Fifth pressing = Aqua vinyl, Green vinyl, Hole vinyl, Puke vinyl, Mint Green vinyl