After the meteoric success of alternative darlings the TOADIES died down, singer Vaden Todd Lewis wasn’t sure what to do with himself. Thankfully, some off-the-cuff, informal jamming with long-time friend Taz Bentley (who had recently left REVEREND HORTON HEAT) rekindled a long lost spark for both, and it wasn’t long before the BURDEN BROTHERS were born. Three self-released EP’s were made and distributed to friends, fans, and family. Just as quickly, the band found themselves gearing up to record their first full length for Kirtland Records and their first national tour. And fans everywhere have been rejoicing ever since.

SUPERSUCKERS aren’t so much a band as they are an institution. 2005 marks the band’s 16th year of “rocking your ass.” The band has literally played thousands of shows all over the world and released dozens upon dozens of astonishingly great rock (and country!) records, singles, and CD’s. They’ve played on the Tonight Show, they’ve played with WILLIE NELSON, they’ve played Woodstock, Reading, Leads… you name it, they’ve done it. Often hailed “the greatest rock n roll band in the world,” the SUPERSUCKERS have certainly put in the time and heart necessary to live up to such expectations and deliver every single time out.

With this limited edition 7” single, Magic Bullet is proud to bring together both the cornerstone of modern independent rock and roll (as played by the Supersuckers) and its bright future (courtesy of BURDEN BROTHERS). This record finds both bands in their finest form and most comfortable environment: live. BURDEN BROTHERS kick it off with a scorching rendition of the crowd favorite “Walk Away” while the SUPERSUCKERS back it up with a spot-on cover of THIN LIZZY’s “Jailbreak.” This is a must-have for anyone longing for a return to straight up rock and roll with no bells and whistles.

7″ issued May 10, 2005

7″ pressing info:
First press = 100 blue vinyl, 300 gold vinyl, 600 black vinyl