After years of touring under the SHERYL’S MAGNETIC AURA moniker, Jarvis Taverniere, Jeremy Earl, Christian DeRoeck, and Justin “Bones” Wertz returned home, collectively craving a fresh start as a new band. Legitimate friends for many years, it just didn’t make any sense to change members or take any particularly drastic measures. So they simply changed their name, signed a lease on their own 2-level shanty in NYC, moved in together, and set to work on writing and recording their debut album as the refreshed and totally refocused MENEGUAR.

I Was Born At Night is a harmonious melding of frantic energy and thoughtful composition; songs that beg to be heard, blared, and sung over endlessly. Taverniere’s incredibly eloquent and image-laden lyrics are delivered flawlessly atop both playful and soaring, driven melodies that quickly find a home in the mind and mouths of the unsuspecting listener. Universal themes of survival, uncertainty, and hope permeate 7 brilliant songs marked by creative musicianship that seamlessly blends the catchy pop of many an Omaha contemporary while harkening the gritty attack and glorious withdrawal of ARCHERS OF LOAF.

In a time when the status quo seems to be “mixing” screaming your head off about some relationship gone band with “singing” parts (while donning ties, studded belts, and eye makeup…), MENEGUAR swoops down to remind us all that four decent guys with a well-sung song, an ounce of confidence, and a simple melody can move us further than any and all of these caca-phonies.

CD issued June 10, 2005
Sold out