• 8″ square lathe records issued 06/05
• Limited Edition: 60 pieces
• Hand-cut by Peter King in New Zealand
• All covers hand-painted by Brent Eyestone
• Sold out

I had these made primarily as “thank you” gifts for a bunch of people that helped organize, coordinate, and assist with the massive summer 2004 tour that the band went on. Some people really went out of their way on that tour and I thought it was important to make a little something for them to show our appreciation.  We had an interview recorded from an appearance we did at KRUA in Alaska and figured it would be fun to cut a bunch of lathes with that.  The cover is our friend Dan aka “Ponch” from Holy Mountain, who accompanied us for a lengthy portion of the tour.  I believe the photo itself was from an after-party in Burlington, VT, where Dan put on boxing gloves and beat the shit out of every appliance in the house. - Brent