Fredericksburg Skateboards, Magic Bullet Skateboards, and Magic Bullet Records have teamed up to bring you a joint effort team DVD showcasing the amazing young talent embodied in both teams. Frontside 180 ollies off of a semi truck into a loading dock 10+ feet below?  Switch inward nollie heelflips over 15 feet of steps? We’ve got all that and so much more covered on this one.  Filmed across the U.S. and Australia over the course of a year, this is an insightful and positive look at the state of modern skateboarding.

DVD issued October 11, 2005

1st press = blue covers
2nd press = blue covers
3rd press = purple covers
* 30 copies of the 2nd/3rd press included hand-painted artwork from Brent Eyestone

Soundtrack features:

• Forensics
• Crimson Spectre
• Majority Rule
• Paul Michel
• Meneguar
• Old Man Gloom
• New Idea Society
• Cave In
• On Fire
• The Burning Paris
• Supersuckers
• Burden Brothers
• Frodus

and others from the MB family, this thing packs more than enough punch to blow your mind and make you want to get on a board.