From the shifty backwoods and truly frightening corners of the Carolinas, the most homicidal, ungodly split release possible comes hurtling toward your face in the form of a tag team assault between Myrtle Beach’s own MASSACRE OF THE UMBILICAL CORD & Charlotte’s lunatic institution CONTROL. Like an untamed 400-pound live swordfish on the deck of a packed cruise ship at sunset, mercy is scant and odds of survival only laughable.

The disc begins with 9 tracks of technical grind mastery from MASSACRE OF THE UMBILICAL CORD. Having received universal acclaim from the metal underground on the heels of their debut full length I’m Surprised He Hasn’t Killed Anyone, the band comes charging straight out of the gates, unrelenting in their quest to constantly top their own absurdity and disgustingly adept musicianship. With track titles like Manslaughter Mulligan, expecting anything but violent, mind-shredding virtuosity would be ill-advised.

Then, just when you think it’s safe to emerge from the foxhole, mammoth slabs of hot-choppery and percussive force come crashing down all around you… and you don’t know whether to shit or go blind. Welcome to the world of CONTROL: sent from the future to fuck you up. Anyone who once witnessed bass guitars sailing over their heads when DEADGUY would bring down the house (or flying kick drum-era COALESCE) knows what’s in store. A whole lot of open head wounds and exactly zero apologies….

Welcome to the absolute perfect pairing of the Carolinas’ most legitimately suicidal and dangerous live acts.

Mp3: Massacre of the Umbilical Cord “Doctor’s Care”

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CD issued March 13, 2007

A limited box set was created for mailorder (limited to 20).  It featured original artwork/jewel case and packed inside of a cigar box that contains a syringe, a burned spoon (with “cooked substance”), a spent bullet casing (fired by the artist), and death certificates for Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley.