Washington DC isn’t exactly revered as a party town. Fun times in the Nation’s Capital likely harken mental images of overstuffed bureaucrats raising martini glasses and chortling after a full day of lobbying and falling in line. Musically, we’re better known for artists telling the audience what NOT to do (don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t fuck, don’t dance, don’t mosh… just stand there and watch our “art”).

But venturing beyond the “safe,” well-lit facade of NorthWest DC will slam you face-first into a world of true enlightenment… where the best parties happen nightly in literally the shadiest parts of town. It is in these shadows and crevices that, on special occasion, you’ll find DC’s top musicians moonlighting in a number of special project bands created for the sole purpose of blowing the roof off of every show they play and giving an ailing, stuffy city something to actually feel good about again.

NITRO TOKYO and RATTLER are the two top bands leading this charge. Comprised collectively of members of successful bands the world over (DARKEST HOUR, OLYMPIA, FAIRWEATHER), the talent levels and know-how of all involved is enough to stagger a party of elephants (or donkeys for that matter). In the spirit of the hard livin’ 80’s, in the spirit of Andrew WK, in the spirit of Eddie Spaghetti, and in the spirit of every band that ever made you forget your god-awful shit life for one night, every song from NITRO TOKYO and RATTLER is the things fist pumps, sing-alongs, and sleeping until noon the next day is truly made of.

• Mp3: “Getting Awesome” (Rattler)

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• CD released in conjunction with Rattler/Nitro Tokyo performance at Black Cat DC: September 1, 2007
• Limited Edition: 500 pieces