Semblance is the 2+ hour, double disc mega-full length debut from YEARS, aka multi-instrumentalist Ryan Parrish.  Somehow, some way, in between touring the world many times over annually (behind the drum kit for DARKEST HOUR, SUPPRESSION, and now GHASTLY CITY SLEEP), Parrish creates the time in private to both create and explore a sonically-textured, mood-driven world far removed from the entropic chaos of daily life.

is 24 tracks (12 on each disc) of full immersion into the melodic and near-meditative id of its creator.  Glacially paced and deliberate, the album is much more of a linear journey than a traditional collection of songs, striking somewhere around the sweet spot of SIGUR RÓS’ emotional pitch and GROWING (good/old GROWING)’s exploratory and child-like sonic ambition.  It is truly an album that reveals new layers upon each listen.

Housed with compelling visual accompaniment, Semblance is being offered in a very strict edition of 500 pieces.

Mp3: “Magnificence”

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Track List:

1. Commencement
2. Vibrance in its Final Stages
3. Counterpart
4. Arcane
5. Karma, Come Around
6. Italia
7. Luminesce
8. A Red Umbrella of Barocay
9. If the Situation Were Different…
10. Rest
11. Burial Ode for a Neanderthal
12. Stop Momentum

1. Calculate
2. Density
3. Magnificence
4. Something Amongst Us
5. Pulse in Transit
6. Blisskill
7. Lapse
8. Ascend Into Violet
9. Rapture/Guile
10. Our Lives in Seconds
11. Spiraling Out
12. Exequies

2xCD issued November 16, 2010