Previously only available on compact disc format in Japan (Obliteration Records, 2005), Infidel Eternal is the debut album from Tokyo’s SSORC. Drawing heavily from Scandinavian black metal influences (GORGOROTH, DARKTHRONE, et al) and infusing the crazed, violating ethics of 80′s Japanese hardcore, SSORC blast through traditional themes of nature, anti-organized religion, agony, woe, and despair at an unrelenting pace that never truly relinquishes attack. Accordingly, the band is actually comprised of former members of legendary extreme Japanese hardcore band G.I.S.M. as well os other noted acts such as MAGANE, ZOMBIE RITUAL, MÏSOGI, and MORTES SALTANTES.

With SSORC, their collective goal is quite simply “to terrify people, or to give people fear.” Mantras and themes of “Black Metal Terrorism” appear throughout both the album and the band’s limited public profile. The guitar tones are cruel and menacing, the bass is distorted and sick, Mutilation Under the Moonlight’s vocals howl with a pain seldom put to tape, and the drums blast forth as if they legitimately want to kill you. This is truly Japanese extreme black metal.

Available now for the first time on vinyl anywhere in the world, the Infidel Eternal LP+7″ features the entire scathing album and a special cover of DARKTHRONE’s “Unholy Black Metal.”

Mp3: “Caller Of The Typhoon”

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Track List:
1.) Step Into The Forests Of Your Dusk
2.) Caller Of The Typhoon
3.) Before There Is Light
4.) Bury My Coffin By My Own Hands
5.) Winds Of Plague
6.) Hell Is My Heaven, Pain Is My Pleasure
7.) The Relentless Agony Intimidates Me Into The Black Silence As A New Moon
8.) Downwards The Roots Of Darkness
9.) Fury Of The Mountains
10.) Below The Moon, Above The Earth
11.) Black Metal Terrorism

LP+7″ released October 25, 2011

LP pressing info:

1st press:
MARBLE GRAY LP w/mixed 7″
PALE GREEN LP w/mixed 7″
PURPLE LP w/mixed 7″