BIG CHINA & LITTLE TROUBLE is an ongoing creative audio experiment from the minds of long-time friends Brent Eyestone (“Big China”) and Mike Haley (“Little Trouble”). Nearly all ideas and inspiration surrounding the project, from the name to album concepts, have come out of a mutual fondness for the absurd and almost entirely under the influence of jazz cigarettes. Since inception, the body of work has been built incrementally with careful attention to detail and a constant glare toward progression. With the Black Blood of the Earth series, the duo was in search of creating a sonic atmosphere that rode the tense line between thriller and horror scores. With the Fur & Teeth EP, a more menacing and raw side emerged wherein the monster could be heard cathartically feeding.

Lo-Panning is another nod back to the John Carpenter movie that inspired the entire project (Big Trouble in Little China) and the David Lo Pan character in particular (played by James Hong in the film). The concept for the album was to create a comprehensive, fully-submersed analog turntable experience that is both a play on the “Pan” part of the characters name (listeners can hear and experience the drone emissions coming from both Eyestone and Haley sliding across the stereo spectrum for the duration of the program) and a fitting tribute to the mystical powers exemplified by the brilliant nemesis of the film itself.

Simply denoted “Part I” and “Part II,” both sides of the LP successfully capture the hypnotic, enveloping vortex of David Lo Pan’s ancient raw powers. A subtly constant and humming melody anchors both sides almost like a raga, as Eyestone and Haley blast and churn compositional improvisation across the sonisphere. The results are a deliberately glacial and powerful presence seeping and oozing away from the melted minds of the creators and into the listening rooms of the new hosts of these diabolical spirits.

Packaged in a hand-screened, 6-color print featuring an original Eyestone illustration of David Lo Pan, only 150 copies of the first pressing exist for consumption. Each is hand-numbered and features glow in the dark vinyl. The intention is for the entire LP to be listened to in a room with the lights off, the listener facing the turntable and equidistant from both the left and the right speaker. Enjoy.

Mp3: “Part II (Clip)”

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LP issued April 12, 2011

LP pressing info:
1st pressing = 150 on glow-in-the-dark vinyl. Hand screened jackets, hand-numbered /150