mbl141True to its original release in 2005, CHARLES MANSON’s new “One Mind” reissue CD compiles musical moments and spoken word passages recorded deep from within prison walls. Often stream-of-consciousness and free-form in style, Manson’s guitar-playing, singing, and frequent conversational musings cover a vast range in tone and scope.

In our fast–paced times of confusion and control, it has become increasingly rare to hear the real thoughts and creative expressions of Charlie Manson. Egregious creative liberties strewn across a vacuous media narrative have become the norm through fictional episodic television (“Aquarius”) and film (“Manson Family Vacation”) formats. As such, the “One Mind” album is more essential than ever, as it continues to offer a much deeper and unadulterated view into what many regard as one of the more fascinating minds of the 20th century.

Track List:
1.) I Can See You
2.) Angels Fear to Tread
3.) Riding on Your Fears
4.) I Don’t Need Water-Sprinklers in the Desert
5.) Your Magic Motion
6.) Whoever You Are
7.) The Black Pirate
8.) So We Go Again
9.) Self is Eternal (What Our World Will Be)
10.) Sometimes it Works Just Right
11.) Sweet Words
12.) Interpretations
13.) If You Have No One
14.) I Keep on Wondering (Interrupted)
15.) 1967 Mac Brother
16.) Venice, CA

Digital issued April 22, 2016