When the World Comes Down is the third full-length studio album from Oklahoma darlings and multi-platinum recording artists THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS.  Originally recorded in 2007 and released in 2008 on CD/digital format by Interscope Records, the album toiled in vinyl format limbo, as what was to be mere weeks of waiting begat months begat years.  Having become well-acquainted in years prior, AAR guitarist Mike Kennerty and Magic Bullet’s Brent Eyestone (Kennerty had originally been a mailorder customer of the label, Eyestone remixed AAR‘s “Can’t Take It”) took the helm and made it their collective mission to finally see the LP version become a reality in 2010.  On October 12, 2010, the combined and continuous efforts of the ginormous band and DIY indie label (both parties unabashed music geeks with sizable and varied personal record collections) see When the World Comes Down hitting stores worldwide once again, this time in full-sized LP format for the first time ever.

Recorded at Barefoot Studios in Los Angeles under the skillful hand of producer Eric Valentine, When the World Comes Down finds THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS (Kennerty, vocalist/bassist Tyson Wheeler, guitarist Nick Wheeler, and drummer Chris Gaylor) accomplishing the difficult task of hurtling their infectious power pop/rock sound forward into musical evolution without sacrificing any of the fundamental catchiness and pure hook dominance that originally shot the band to the top of pop charts worldwide on previous outings.

While the album’s whopping five singles (“Gives You Hell,” “Mona Lisa,” “I Wanna,” “The Wind Blows,” and “Real World”) captured the attention and adoration of fans far and wide, When the World Comes Down is truly a cohesive album down to the very last note.  The potency of tracks like “Breakin’” shines through like a beacon as Ritter evokes a literary perfect storm of regret, heartache, and sheer urgency atop gorgeous, soaring melodies.  One song later and Ritter is stepping his game up yet again, foraying into male/female call/response territory on “Another Heart Calls” (featuring The Pierces).  Music fans everywhere took note of the strength of the entire album and, once again, shot it to the top of the Billboard charts.

Housed in a stunning, full-sized gatefold jacket crammed tight with candid photos, complete lyrics and liner notes, and multiple colors of vinyl, fans of both the band and the format can finally rejoice that such a pop masterpiece has been given its intended vinyl treatment once and for all.

1. I Wanna
2. Fallin’ Apart
3. Damn Girl
4. Gives You Hell
5. Mona Lisa
6. Breakin’
7. Another Heart Calls
8. Real World
9. Back To Me
10. Believe
11. The Wind Blows
12. Sunshine

Audio: “I Wanna”

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LP issued October 12, 2010

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